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Anil Kumarsingh Gayan (born October 22, 1948 in Triolet, Mauritius) was the foreign minister of Mauritius from 1983[1] until 1986 and from September 2000 until a cabinet reshuffle in December 2003. He is the descendant of laborers who came to Mauritius from India when the island was a British colony. He is part of a newly established political party after leaving the MSM, his former party. He studied at the London School of Economics after winning a scholarship. In 2008, he was part of United Nations mediation in Guinea-Bissau. In 2009, he formed a new group called FNM (Front National Mauricien) which is against the three main political parties of Republic Of Mauritius.[2] The group's first appearance for elections was in the No.8 Constituency by elections.

Gayan led a 20-member African Union group of observers for the 2010 Rwanda election.[3]


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