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Anima is a Danish animal rights organization founded in 2000.[1] Its core focus is on factory farms and the fur industry.[1] The organization's motto is "the organization for the rights of all animals". Anima works by organizing protests, raising awareness about animal abuse, and providing information and advice on vegan/vegetarian eating.

Selected history[edit]

Ban on imports of cat and dog fur[edit]

The organization collected 200,000 signatures on a petition, and held protests at the main dealer of dog and cat fur.[1] In 2003, imports of dog and cat fur were banned in Denmark.[2] A similar ban was implemented in 2007 by the European Union.[3]

Ban on import of seal products[edit]

The organization worked on the Danish part of a campaign to ban the import of seal products from Canada, Norway or Namibia, stating that the seal hunt is inherently inhumane.[4] The European Union banned the import of seal products in 2009, which took effect in 2010.[4]

Fur-free fashion[edit]

The organization campaigns directly with sellers of clothing to make fur-free the norm in Danish fashion.[1] In 2014, there were 160 companies committing to selling only fur-free fashion wear.[5]


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