Anima Mundi (band)

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Anima Mundi
Origin Havana, Cuba
Genres New age, neo-prog, symphonic rock, progressive rock
Years active 1996 (1996)–present
Labels Musea, Mellow, Anima Mundi
Members Roberto Díaz
Virginia Peraza
Yaroski Corredera
José Manuel Govín
Michel Bermudez
Marco Alonso
Past members Ariel Valdés
Abel González
Gustavo Comptis
Rolando Vigoa
Anaisy Gómez
Regis Rodríguez
Ariel Angel
Andremil Oropeza
Oswaldo Vieites
Carlos Sosa
José Manuel Govin

Anima Mundi is a Cuban progressive rock band formed in 1996 that combines symphonic rock, new age, Celtic, space, and traditional Cuban music. Musically similar to the commercially successful British symphonic acts of the 1970s, the group incorporates multiple layers of synthesizer-led progressions with a rhythmic and percussive backdrop of sharp bass and polyphonic drumming while showcasing the virtuosity of lead synthesizers and guitar. Their songs are characterized by lengthy instrumental suites divided by vocal passages with surreal and spiritual lyrics.

Members include founders and vocalists Roberto Diaz on guitars and Virginia Peraza on keyboards, accompanied by Yaroski Corredera on bass, Michel Bermúdez on lead vocals and Marco Alonso on drums. They have released five studio albums: Septentrión (2002), Jagannath Orbit (2008), The Way (2010), The Lamplighter (2013) and I Me Myself (2016). The latter three enjoyed worldwide success and received positive reviews. In 2012, the band released a recorded performance of their first show in Helmond, The Netherlands, on dual CD/DVD, titled Live in Europe.


Septentrión songs[edit]

  1. "Horizonte"
  2. "Por Siempre"
  3. "Centinela"
  4. "Caleidoscopio"
  5. "Peregrino del Tiempo"
  6. "Mas Allá"
  7. "La Montaña del Vigia"
  8. "Las Praderas del Corazón"
  9. "Tierra Invisible"
  10. "El Hallazgo"
  11. "El Umbral"
  12. "Septentrión"

Jagannath Orbit songs[edit]

  1. "We Are the Light"
  2. "The Awaken Dreamer in the Soul Garden"
  3. "Toward the Adventure"
  4. "There's a Place not Faraway"
  5. "Jagannath Orbit (in the Orbit of Love)"
  6. "Rhythm of the Spheres"
  7. "Sanctuary"

The Way songs[edit]

  1. "Time to Understand"
  2. "Spring Knocks on the Door of Men"
  3. "Flying to the Sun"
  4. "Cosmic Man"

The Lamplighter songs[edit]

"Suite The Lamplighter"

  1. "On Earth Beneath The Stars"
  2. "The Call and Farewell Song"
  3. "Light the Lantern of your Heart"
  4. "The Human House"

"Suite Tales from Endless Star"

  1. "The dream Child Behind the Mask"
  2. "The Return Part I"
  3. "Endless Star"
  4. "The Return Part II"

"Epilogue His Majesty Love"

I, Me, Myself songs[edit]

  1. "The Chimney, the Wheel and the War"
    1. "Act I - Lullaby"
    2. "Act II - Round and Around"
    3. "Act III - Acid Skies"
    4. "Act IV - Wolf Affairs"
  2. "Somewhere"
    1. "Act I - Toccata"
    2. "Act II - Where Chaos Sleeps"
  3. "Flowers"
  4. "Clockwork Heart"
  5. "Train to Future"
    1. "Act I - Midnight Express"
    2. "Act II - Bridge to the Unknown"
    3. "Act III - I Was the One"
  6. "Lone Rider"

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