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Winfield S. Frazeur IV (born May 10, 1941) is an American photographer. While working in the U.S. Navy, Winfield was assigned to take official photographs for the military and U.S. Government.[1]

As a military photographer Winfield's most notable photographic events include photographing American presidents, John F. Kennedy aboard the USS Kittyhawk in 1963 for which he received a letter of appreciation signed by the President;[2] and George W. Bush, in which Winfield had a 2-hour photo shoot during his re-election campaign. Very few photographers get the chance to photograph U.S. presidents due to strict Secret Service protection [United States Secret Service]. In 1962, when the U.S. was entangled with the Russians and Cuba in a Cold War crisis, Winfield was aboard a military vessel and photographed the first pictures and important proof of Russian ships carrying missiles bound for Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis coming from the Black Sea into the Mediterranean Sea, passing through the Strait of Gibraltar and into the North Atlantic Ocean.

Winfield attended the [Seville Expo '92] in Spain, which was organized to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' discovery of the Americas. During the event, Winfield was the only photographer photographing the exact replicas of Columbus' ships Niña, the Santa Maria, and Pinta prior to setting sail on the same route Columbus embarked on 500 years earlier.

In 1962, while Winfield was stationed in Spain, Winfield regularly took pictures at a local enlisted men's club. Winfield's focal point was often a flamenco troupe that included Maria Magdalena Ramirez Garcez. Forty one years after first capturing her photograph, Winfield returned to Spain after reconnecting with Maria and photographed her again.[3]

In 1966 Winfield and his wife, Clare, visited Korea at the 38th Parallel. While on the visit to complete the adoption of their daughter, Winfield took a photograph of 25 babies and toddlers whose home was simply a blanket on a cement floor. One toddler gravitated toward them and because the picture of the babies portrayed such a low quality of life, Winfield and his wife brought two daughters home from the Star of the Sea Orphanage near Incheon, Korea.

Winfield has captured many other historical events including the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain; artifacts in Denmark including The Little Mermaid (statue) in Copenhagen based on a tale by Hans Christian Andersen; and the Great Buddha of Kamakura Statue in Japan.

Winfield’s photos have appeared in displays in Europe, Asia, and the United States.


As a photographer and aerial reconnaissance and public affairs specialist while on active duty with the Department of the Navy,[4][5] Winfield developed photographic techniques and programs that the US Navy still uses. In addition to taking photos of Naval vessels,[6] Winfield was a frequent lecturer on photography to subordinates.

As a civilian employee for the federal government's satellite remote sensing facility, Winfield developed the first quality assurance program in electronic and photographic reproductions from satellite imagery. Also during this period, Winfield developed the first product specifications for final photographic and electronic products produced by this government facility.

Private Ventures[edit]

Winfield launched in 1984, a private international company. Winfield's focus changed to the private sector where he photographed for real estate, insurance, entertainment, estate planning, legal, landscape design, land use planning, and tourism markets. In addition, Winfield captures color aerial photographic coverage for real estate marketing, property insurance claims, real estate appraisals, and construction progress reporting.

Pro-bono work includes political photographs for campaigns in Oregon for John A. Kitzhaber, M.D., former Governor;[7] Oregon State Representative Dennis Richardson (Oregon politician);[8] and Kevin Mannix, candidate for Oregon governor.[9]

In early 2011, Winfield and his wife, Clare Frazeur launched Animal Advertising Center, LLC, an online resource that has the complete Kingdom Animalia listing which enables consumers to find the exact animal they seek without having to go through general animal listings.


  • Photographers’ Rearview Mirror: 50 Years Behind the Camera —a coffee-table book including a collection of 500 photos of then and now; in production.


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