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Animal Bar is a brand of chocolate bar, made by Nestlé.


Animal Bar was launched in 1963, in the UK, by Nestlé. Unlike Milkybar it was never made by Rowntree Mackintosh Confectionery. They are primarily marketed and made for children. Each Animal Bar contains a game inside of the wrapper, and has two different animals, along with their names; moulded onto the surface of the chocolate. Animal Bars were especially popular during the 1960s and 1970s, thus many adults who were children at that time remember them fondly. They are still sold to this day, in either a single 19 gram bar (for £0.25), or a four-pack of these for £1.00.

The original bars had numerous animal heads molded on them, not just two.

Animals available[edit]

There are a total of nine animals that can possibly be on Animal Bars:

  • Antelope
  • Monkey
  • Parrot
  • Iguana
  • Lion
  • Bear
  • Leopard
  • Zebra
  • Rhino

Some people have also had deer on their Animal Bars, but they are rare.[1]

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