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Animal Charity Evaluators
Animal Charity Evaluators logo.png
Formation2012; 8 years ago (2012)
Registration no.EIN 36-4684978
Legal status501(c)(3) organization[1]
PurposeAnimal charity evaluation
Executive Director
Leah Edgerton
Managing Director
Jaya Bhumitra
Managing Editor
Melissa Guzikowski
Formerly called
Effective Animal Activism

Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE), formerly known as Effective Animal Activism (EAA), is a US-based non-profit charity evaluator and effective altruism-focused organization founded in 2012, dedicated to finding and promoting the most effective ways to help animals. ACE performs research in order to provide guidance to charities and members of the animal advocacy movement, on the relative effectiveness of different interventions and offers top charity recommendations to donors. ACE also offers career and volunteering suggestions, as well as advice to existing charities on becoming more effective animal advocates. Notable board members include the animal rights philosophers Peter Singer and Jeff Sebo.[2]


Originally formed as Effective Animal Activism (EAA),[3] in 2012, the organisation started out as a spin-off of the charity 80,000 hours; it became a separate non-profit in 2013.[4][5]


Top-rated charities[edit]

ACE's four top-rated charities as of 2020 are:[6]

Standout charities[edit]

ACE has five standout charities:[6]


Marc Gunther reviewed ACE in an article for Nonprofit Chronicles, noting: "[T]he work of Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) is relevant to nonprofits of all kinds. As its name suggests and, on a very modest budget, ACE evaluates animal charities. Its work could inspire those who want to evaluate charities in other sectors—education, the environment, that arts, whatever." He further noted: "The point is, Animal Charity Evaluators is asking the right questions–the kind all nonprofits should be asking themselves."[7]

Animal welfare and effective altruism advocate Peter Singer, who sits on the board of ACE, has highlighted ACE's work in his book The Most Good You Can Do and in an online article for Salon.[8]

Charity evaluator GiveWell conducted and published notes on a conversation with Jon Bockman, the Executive Director of ACE, as part of an investigation into animal welfare as a potential cause area to devote resources into.[9]


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