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Animal Equality
FounderSharon Núñez, Javier Moreno and Jose Valle
FocusAnimal rights
  • United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Mexico, India
Area served
United States, Spain, UK, India, Italy, Germany, Mexico and Brazil
MethodInvestigations, Education, Corporate Outreach, Legal Advocacy
Key people
President: Sharon Núñez

Animal Equality is an international non-profit animal rights organization working with society, governments, and companies to end cruelty to farmed animals. Animal Equality has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany and India. The organization was founded in 2006 in Madrid, Spain by Sharon Núñez, Jose Valle and Javier Moreno. Animal Equality is the farmed animal organization working in the most countries.


Undercover investigations: Animal Equality has visited over 700 animal facilities since its launch in 2006 and released over 100 undercover investigations around the world. Animal Equality has carried out undercover investigations in Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, UK, India and Poland.

In 2008 Animal Equality released its first undercover investigation inside Spanish slaughterhouses, this was the first farmed animal investigation in the history of Spain and appeared in numerous media in the country. In 2010 Animal Equality released an investigation inside over 100 Spanish pig farms. As part of the release the organization presented a documentary in English and Spanish showing the entire pig farming process. The documentary has reached hundreds of thousands of people.

In 2012 Animal Equality released its first investigation in the United Kingdom. The investigation featured in the lead page of The Sunday Times resulted in two farm workers being sentenced for cruelty to pigs.

In 2012 Animal Equality presented one of the first investigations into the killing of tuna in Carloforte, Italy. The footage of this investigation has been used worldwide having being featured in the documentary Cowspiracy.

Animal Equality has released the first farm animal investigations in the history of Mexico. Releasing the first ever investigation inside caged farms in the country in October 2016. In 2018 Animal Equality released the first investigation inside the chicken industry in Mexico.

In 2017 Animal Equality released the first-ever investigation inside Brazil’s egg industry, revealing disturbing animal abuse within the country’s egg factory farms that cage hens.

Education: Through education, Animal Equality works to reduce animal suffering and change people’s perceptions of the world’s most exploited animals.

Corporate Outreach: Animal Equality’s corporate outreach department encourages businesses to implement meaningful animal protections that will significantly reduce the suffering of animals by ending some of the cruelest standard practices on factory farms and at the slaughterhouse.

Legal advocacy: Animal Equality also works to secure stronger protections that benefit farmed animals in countries all around the world.

In jurisdictions where the organization find laws to be insufficient, Animal Equality submits proposals for new legislation, based upon recommendations by leading animal welfare experts, to improve the lives of farmed animals. These recommendations are then often adopted by governments. We often collaborate with Senators, MPs, and other officials to influence government policy.


After extensive investigations inside foie gras farms, India became the first country in the world to implement a nationwide ban on the importation of foie gras. This was a direct result of Animal Equality’s investigations.

Animal Equality was part of a coalition that helped pass Question 3 in Massachusetts. This initiative helped prevent cruelty by eliminating extreme methods of farmed animal confinement on facilities that raise animals for food. The measure passed with more than 78% of the vote supporting protections for animals.

In July 2017, the Law Commission of India issued a detailed report addressing the transportation and house-keeping of egg-laying hens and broiler chickens. The report included a list of recommendations proposed by Animal Equality to improve the welfare of hens and chickens raised for food in the country.

Over 100 companies worldwide have committed to eliminating cages for hens from their supply chain thanks to Animal Equality's work.

After Animal Equality revealed horrific animal cruelty on El Escobar farm in Spain, the trial against the four defendants finds them guilty and sentences them to the longest sentence allowed under law.

Following an Animal Equality investigation and campaign, supermarket chain COOP in Italy becomes the first market in Italy to ban the sale of foie gras.

Animal Equality helps reduce the consumption of lamb meat in Italy by 40% in 2014, and a further 50% the following year.

Animal Equality campaigned for years to end the cruel sacrifice at one of Nepal’s largest festivals, which takes place every five years. In 2014, Animal Equality's efforts led to a 70% reduction of the animals killed, and in 2015 the Gadhimai Temple Trust announced an end to this deadly tradition.

Shocking cruelty to cows and calves documented by Animal Equality investigators results in the conviction of a dairy farm worker in the UK.


Animal Equality has pioneered the use of virtual reality in Animal Rights with its virtual reality "iAnimal" films. iAnimal uses cutting-edge virtual reality technology to give viewers an immersive look at the life cycle of factory farmed animals from birth to death. Animal Equality's virtual reality project has been featured in media outlets around the world including The New York Times.

Animal Equality has released three iAnimal films:

The dairy industry in 360 degrees features actress Evanna Lynch and shows the lives of calves and cows on dairy farms. 22 Days was presented by artist Kat Von D and shows the lives of chickens in the meat industry. Through the Eyes of a Pig features musician Tony Kanal showing the life of a pig from birth to death.

iAnimal has been released by Animal Equality in eight countries and the organization has taken the film to a number of film festivals. Animal Equality's iAnimal film won the 'Best 360° film' by German Web Video Awards in 2016.


Animal Charity Evaluators has recognized Animal Equality as one of the most effective animal charities in the world since 2014. In 2017 Animal Equality was considered a Top Charity for the third time. According to Animal Charity Evaluators: "Animal Equality achieves significant successes with very small amounts of money; in particular, they have conducted undercover investigations for a fraction of the cost of some other organizations. They have a strong understanding of success and failure and are continually setting goals to improve their performance and increase their impact. As Animal Equality has expanded internationally, they’ve hired local advocates with strong cultural knowledge and contacts in each country. We expect that their recent expansion into countries with relatively few existing animal charities will afford them new opportunities for high-impact work. They have a sound strategy for increasing their reach and significant room for more funding."


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