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Animal Law Review  
Animal Law Rev.
Animal L.
Discipline Animal law
Language English
Publication details
Joe Christensen, Inc. (United States)
Publication history
Frequency Biannually
ISSN 1088-8802

Animal Law Review is a law review covering animal law published by students at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon.[1] Publishing its first volume in 1994,[2] it was the first law review to focus on animal law issues[3] and is the best known journal in its field.[4] It has featured articles by noted legal scholars such as Laurence H. Tribe and Cass R. Sunstein as well as experts such as Jane Goodall.[5]


Animal Law Review publishes two issues each year. The journal's objective is to educate readers about all sides of animal-related legal issues.[6] The journal also publishes a Legislative Review on an annual basis, which covers developments in animal-related legislation at the state and federal levels. Animal Law Review is edited entirely by students.[5] Its Bluebook abbreviation is Animal L.


Members are selected in three ways. They can be admitted by virtue of their grades during their first year of law school. They can also be admitted by participating in an anonymous writing competition held by all three law reviews at Lewis & Clark Law School during the summer months. However, most members are admitted through a process in which students compete in a source-checking and editing competition at the end of their first semester of law school, then work as volunteer source checkers without academic credit during their second semester of law school. The students who earn top scores in the source-checking and editing competition are invited to source check the following semester and the students who excel during that semester are invited to join the law review as full members in their second year.[7]

Notable alumni[edit]


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