Animal Liberation (album)

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Animal Liberation
Animal Liberation (album).jpeg
Compilation album by
Various Artists
ReleasedApril 21, 1987
ProducerAl Jourgensen

Animal Liberation was an album released by WaxTrax! records on April 21, 1987 to benefit PETA. Al Jourgensen of Ministry served as a producer on the album. Jourgensen doesn't perform on the album, but did produce all the links between tracks, news clips, quotes, etc., along with Bill Rieflin, Paul Barker, and Roland Barker. Paul Barker is credited in the sleeve notes as "Ion Barker," a regular pseudonym of his. Although this was an American release, the CD says "Made In England." The UK version included an extra track by The Smiths. The album was compiled and coordinated by Dan Mathews.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Al Jourgensen - "International Introduction" (1:36)
  2. Nina Hagen / Lene Lovich - "Don't Kill The Animals" (Rescue Version) (6:36)
  3. Al Jourgensen - "Civil Disobedience Is Civil Defence" (0:58)
  4. Attrition - "Monkey In A Bin" (2:26)
  5. Chris & Cosey - "Silent Cry" (3:27)
  6. Al Jourgensen - "Lab Dialogue" (0:24)
  7. Lene Lovich - "Supernature" (5:40)
  8. Al Jourgensen - "Life Community" (0:49)
  9. Colour Field - "Cruel Circus" (3:58)
  10. Luc van Acker - "Hunter" (3:31)
  11. Shriekback - "Hanging Fire" (3:00)
  12. Captain Sensible - "Wot? No Meat!" (3:11)
  13. Al Jourgensen - "Meat Farmer" (0:28)
  14. Howard Jones - "Assault And Battery" (4:50)