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Animal Liberation Victoria Inc.
Animal Liberation Victoria logo.jpg
Founded 1978
Founder Patty Mark
Focus Animal rights, Veganism
Method Education, investigation, open rescues
Key people
President Noah Hannibal

Animal Liberation Victoria Inc. (ALV) is an independent not-for-profit animal rights organisation operating in Victoria, Australia.[1] Founded in 1978 by Patty Mark, ALV is located in Melbourne and is recognised as a leading animal rights organisation.[who?] Its main aims are to abolish the property status of animals, institutionalised animal exploitation and speciesist attitudes and practices; encourage and nurture animal rights education, and endorse the principle of non-violence.[2]


ALV was established in 1978 by Patty Mark, an animal rights activist. After reading Peter Singer's Animal Liberation in 1978, Mark put a notice up in the local milk bar that said Help the Hens which attracted 17 people and proved to be the start of ALV. In the early years of their operation, ALV set up information tables in the Bourke Street Mall, presented information discussions at schools and co-ordinated the signing of petitions. In 1993, Mark received a call about the inhumane treatment of hens at a battery hen facility in Victoria, inspiring the birth of ALV's Open Rescue division.

Animal Liberation Victoria was the first group that made open rescues of hens.[3][4] Later, they have continued making open rescues.[5][6]

They have also protested against sheep exports, in Port of Devonport,[7] whaling,[8] the killing of animals on television by Jamie Oliver,[9][10] animal deaths in Melbourne Zoo,[11] and the 2007 Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching (ANZCCART) conference.[12]

ALV supports and manages the Action Animal Rescue Team, a group formed in 1993 whose purpose is "save the lives of unattended and neglected animals who are left sick and dying in factory farms" and "document (with video footage and photographs) the conditions for animals in factory farms, feedlots, live export and abattoirs."[13]

They also offered to provide legal assistance to the students that, in May 2005, opposed the idea of a rural school to slaughter a pig and a cow that they raised.[14] Bernie Williams, executive producer of the last Charlotte's Web film, wrote an e-mail to the school in support of the students.[15]

Conflicts with RSPCA Victoria[edit]

They have had some conflicts with RSPCA Victoria. In March 2005, ALV found in the farm Parkhurst several injured, sick and dead hens. The police was called, and when it arrived and found the facts, Sergeant Mick Brien phoned the RSPCA for assistance, who refused to attend. Then the police arranged for ALV to remove the sick and dying hens and escorted them to Werribee Vet Clinic. Patty Mark, ALV president, said "Unfortunately the RSPCA not only refused to attend and assist the police on the night, they have failed to do an urgent inspection this morning taking other very ill and dehydrated birds to a vet or to even contact the owner. They only told ALV they would look at the place "next week". and "If the police and members of ALV can see the suffering and know it is wrong and illegal, why can't the RSPCA? Once again they have failed in their duty to protect "all creatures great and small", and it is time they were made accountable""[6][16][17]

On 4 September 2006, ALV sent a letter to Dr Hugh Wirth, RSPCA Victoria's President, asking them to turn to strict vegetarianism their RSPCA Annual Gala Ball, as made the RSPCA UK. RPSCA Chief Executive Officer, Maria Mercurio, wrote the reply in which they refused. Among other criticisms, Mercurio said:

"We know that ALV will continue to attend RSPCA events in Victoria and target our staff, volunteers and guests. We are continually asked why ALV don't hold their own events if they truly wish to get wide attention for their issues; why don't they lobby governments and why don't they try to influence industry, instead of targeting the RSPCA?"[18]

ALV has also criticed that while RSPCA says it's against the battery cages, they business with the largest battery egg producer in Australia, Pace Farms. They have also accused RSPCA of approve barnlaid sheds of which ALV claim to have documented later "overcrowding, beak mutilations, lack of perches, prevention of roosting, chronic stress and electric shock training to the hens", among many other criticism.[19][20]


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