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Animal Mystic is a comic book by Greg "Dark One" Williams that debuted in 1993. Early issues were co-written by publisher Robb Horan. Series was published first by Cry For Dawn and then by Sirius Entertainment. Heroine Nikki Ranoakke, the Animal Mystic, is a California college girl who protects her adopted jungle home as Jatarri, Queen of the Amazons. She is adept at martial arts and passionate about protecting the environment, accompanied by an enormous white tiger named Mingus. An occasional comrade is a noble but conflicted warrior centaur named Klor. Later episodes take place in the underwater city of Marinopolis and outer space. Although Nikki begins the story as human, she eventually acquires cat-like ears and a tail.

Nikki has a boyfriend when first seen, but eventually falls in love with a tiger-lady named Ryntha.

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