Animal Soup

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Animal Soup
Animal Soup.jpg
Studio album by Simon Townshend
Released March 1999
Recorded Woodgrange, London (Except tracks 3, 6 and 11 - recorded and produced by Andy Kravitz at The Amazing Barn, Philadelphia
Genre Rock, Pop rock
Language English
Label Stir Music
Producer Simon Townshend
Andy Kravitz
Simon Townshend chronology
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Animal Soup
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Animal Soup is an album by Simon Townshend, the younger brother of The Who's guitarist Pete Townshend. The album was released in March 1999 and features Ben Townshend, Phil Spalding, James Hayto, Tony Lowe, Linz King among others.[1]

The song "Blind As A Bat" was a song that Simon Townshend wrote when he was Six years old. It surfaced when Simon Townshend was in the studio in Philadelphia, and producer Andy Kravitz asked him to sing something he hated.[2]

Track listings[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Somewhere Out There" 5:02
2. "Our Time" 5:59
3. "For the Money" 3:24
4. "Highness" 5:57
5. "I'm Alright" 4:08
6. "Blind as a Bat" 4:36
7. "Pie in the Sky" 4:07
8. "No Angel" 6:14
9. "Goodbye Everything" 5:08
10. "Until Tomorrow" 4:42
11. "I'm the Answer" 3:38


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