Animaniacs: A Gigantic Adventure

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Animaniacs: a Gigantic Adventure is a video game based on the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 engine developed by EAI Interactive and Southpeak Interactive and released on June 15, 1999.


Thaddeus Plotz, after many years of dealing with Yakko, Wakko, and Dot has decided that they must go and orders Ralph to round up all the animaniac merchandise (posters, awards and old films) and hide them around the studios. While doing that, Plotz ordered all of the Warner Siblings be locked up in a psychiatric hospital or something like it. However, typical of the three, they escape and it's up to the player to retrieve all of the hidden goodies.


The gameplay is like that of a side-scrolling video game in which the playable characters jump from one platform to another. The player gets to take control of a different Warner siblings at different levels and environments and they're armed with different weapons.


there are 11 different environments the player will encounter and each environment involves the use of a different character, some levels have a bonus room which is meant to collect various goodies and the player must leave the bonus quickly because they have a time limit, if the time is up and the player didn't leave the room all of the stuff collected in the bonus room will be lost.

  • Bridge (player takes control of Wakko)
  • First Class Dining (Dot) (bonus room: painting)
  • Domes (Yakko) (bonus room: Domes Skyway)
  • Kitchen (Wakko)
  • Bowels (as in the bowels of a ship) (Dot) (bonus room: Flood Room)
  • Engine room (Yakko) (bonus room: Switch Room)
  • Ship Side (Dot) (bonus room: Airplane)
  • Iceberg (Yakko) (bonus room: Whack a Fish)
  • Frank's Stein (Dot) (bonus room: Dungeon)
  • Backstage (Yakko)
  • Movie Sets (Wakko)(bonus room: Outer Space)

Playable Characters[edit]

Enemies and hazards[edit]

There are numerous enemies and hazards encountered throughout each level and some enemies are limited to only certain environments.

Recurring Enemies[edit]

  • Ralph (Dressed in various disguises based on Environment) throws various types of objects at you based on environment (i.e. in a kitchen they throw woks at you)
  • Dr. Otto Scratchansniff (Dressed in various disguises based on Environment) throws various types of objects at you based on environment (i.e. in a kitchen they throw woks at you)
  • rats (comes in 2 varieties of colors: gray and white) they bite you

Recurring Hazards[edit]

  • water: will kill the player instantly
  • fire: lose lots of health
  • falling objects: inflicts lots of damage to player
  • miscellaneous items: various things that just inflicts damage

Game Bosses[edit]

there are five bosses to fight in the game, but the player doesn't actually start enountering them until the last level of Frank's Stein Environment, each boss has its own strengths and weaknesses, it's up the player on how to exploit it

List of Bosses[edit]

Items and Goodies[edit]

Items and goodies will award points if collected. Most items and goodies are in the form on food and sweets such as ice lollies, plates of spaghetti, pies, burgers and so on. Several items and goodies will award something extra. For example, a slice of cake will award one extra life.


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