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Animated Hero Classics is an educational Animated television series of programs co-produced by Nest Family Entertainment, Living History Productions, Warner-Nest Animation and Crest Animation Productions. The series, geared toward elementary school aged children, includes twenty biographies of both female and male scientists, inventors, explorers, and social champions from around Europe, North America and the Middle East, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Florence Nightingale, Maccabees, Wright brothers, Galileo Galilei, Marco Polo, William Bradford (Plymouth Colony governor), Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Ludwig van Beethoven, Harriet Tubman, Joan of Arc, Benjamin Franklin, Helen Keller, Marco Polo, Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur and Pocahontas.

The Children's Television Act of 1990 required terrestrial television networks to devote time to Educational and Informative programming for children. Even though cable networks were not directly affected by these requirements, these programs were debuted on their HBO network's Saturday morning children's block as a show of good faith that the network was committed to quality educational programming for children. The dramatic biographies were meticulously researched by the producers and written to engage both children and adults, providing an entertaining and accessible way to learn about the positive impact that these women and men have had on our world.

In 1996, Nest Entertainment joined Warner Bros. Animation to formed the Warner-Nest Animation, and in the same year, Living History Productions was folded into Nest Entertainment.

After Animated Hero Classics videos from Christopher Columbus to Maccabees were re-released by Nest Entertainment and Warner/Nest Animation in 1996, and Animated Hero Classics videos from Alexander Graham Bell to Marie Curie were released by Nest Entertainment and Warner/Nest Animation from 1996 to 1997, the company Warner/Nest Animation was shutdown in 1997.

In 2004, the Animated Hero Classics video Beethoven was released by Nest Entertainment, and the series is complete.

After the initial limited cable television debut, the programs were released on VHS and DVD. Over the years supplementary learning materials have been added to the series designed to help develop core curriculum knowledge and skills, while building positive character traits. They are used in over 60,000 public schools and libraries, and by countless home educators as they research the heroes of history covered by the series. The series currently airs every Saturday on BYUtv.

Individual programs within the series have earned multiple awards and endorsements including the family approved seal from the Dove Foundation, The School Library Journal, The Parent's Choice Foundation award and the National Educational Media Association award, the "Award of Excellence" from the Film Advisory Board, the Director's Choice Award from Early Childhood News, KIDS FIRST!, and the highest rating from the Practical Homeschooling Magazine.

The series was directed by Richard Rich, the ex-Disney director who also directed The Swan Princess trilogy, and three faith-based animated educational series for the church, library and home educator market: Animated Stories from the Bible, Animated Stories from the New Testament and K10C: Kids' Ten Commandments.


  • Matthew Davis as Christopher Columbus
  • Joe Lynch as Talavera, Miles Standish, Von Steuben, Gates, Howe, Parker
  • Gregory Snegoff as Pinzon
  • Patrick Page as Bosco
  • Remi Sandri as Gaspar
  • Gregg Coffin as Lope
  • Sheryl Taub as Queen Isabella, Martha Washington
  • Ray Porter as King Ferdinand, King John, Captain, George Washington, Stanton, Narrator, Reporter #2, Ludwig Boehm, William Russell, Jean, Cauchon
  • Lisa Michelson as Rodrigo
  • Don Burroughs as Bartholomew Columbus, Willard
  • Paul O'Connor as Giovanni, Domineco Columbus, Sumner, Francis Upton, Tomakin, Japazaws
  • Joshua Hunter as Young Christopher Columbus
  • Jeff Kramer as Spanish Sailor
  • Jonathon Toppo as Young William Bradford, Officer, Powhatan, Minister of Agriculture
  • James March as William Bradford
  • Victor Humphries as John Carver, John Kreusi, J.P. Morgan, Doctor Sutherland, Louis Pasteur
  • John Pribyl as Goodman Cooke
  • Mark Schwahn as Dutch Captain
  • Michael Altobello as Squanto, Sailor
  • Michael Howard as Samoset
  • Hugh Dignon as Baker, Charles Lee, Wells, Governor Dale
  • Owen Davis as Magistrate
  • Brian Nissen as Glover, Santos-Dumont, King Charles
  • Dion Luther as Martin, English Captain
  • Dennis Edwards as Laurens
  • Herbert Newcomb as Conway, Fitzpatrick
  • David Kelly as Hamilton, Seward, Newspaperman, MacKenzie, Nelson, Le Beque
  • Ben Livingston as British Officer, Soldier, Knox
  • Mark Dawson as Servant
  • Alan Nash as Ben Franklin
  • Margaret Crowell as Deborah
  • Bryan Gardner as Dr. Spencer
  • Christopher P. Angelos as William
  • Dale Zabriskie as John
  • John Nicolaysen as Hill
  • Eric Jensen as Mr. Miller
  • Jared Pauls as Governor Keith
  • Anthony De Fonte as Abraham Lincoln
  • Dennis Reese as Hay, Reporter #1, Lipton
  • Jillian Crane as Mary
  • Jonathan Best as Willie, Teenage Joseph
  • Matthew Best as Tad, Young Joseph
  • Phil Hubbard as Chase, Ridley
  • Doc Ballard as Frederick Douglass
  • Lasondra Zarif as Solomon
  • Kirt Bernhardt as Policeman
  • Jack Whitaker as Camera Man
  • Kevin Fabian as Angry Man, Patoomie
  • Joe Hilsee as Thomas Edison
  • Barry Kraft as Charles Batchelor, Jenkins, Father Nightingale, Dr. Goldstone
  • Sandy McCallum as Grosvenor Lowery, Doctor
  • Jamie Newcomb as Warwick
  • Lisa Hart as Florence Nightingale
  • Anne Delue as Mary, Mother Nightingale
  • Kurt Bernhardt as Stephens, Pouchet
  • Jonathan Hogan as John Hall, John Smith
  • Jamie Newcomb as Doctor Fox
  • Mimi Carr as Nurse Clive, Marie
  • Joey McColum as Lord Canning
  • Debra Funkhouser as Pocahontas
  • Kevin Farrell as Captain Argall, Emile
  • Remi Sandri as John Rolfe
  • Lorenzo Gonzalez as Opecanow
  • Alo Billingslea as Dillard
  • John Pribyl as Chairman of Medicine
  • Andrew Marshall as Adult Joseph
  • Mark Hunt as Alexander Graham Bell, Chanute, Anagnos, Duke of Milan, Monk, Jacques
  • Kevin Quinn as Thomas Watson, Guard, Milanese Painter
  • Marion Calvert as Mrs. Fuller
  • Gar Campbell as Gardiner Hubbard, Doctor
  • Jake Williamson as Drake, Wilbur Wright, Parisian Husband, French Reporter, Verrochio, Duke of Florence, Peasant, Durand
  • Eric Gray as Moses Farmer
  • Marilyn Fox as Maid
  • Steve Williams as Mime
  • Nicholas Petrie as Deaf Child 1
  • Giovanni Miglia as Deaf Child 2
  • Wendy Merritt as Deaf Child 3
  • William Dennis Hunt as Bishop Wright, Talbot
  • Billy Mayo
  • Neil Vipond
  • Virginia Watson as Harriet Tubman
  • Robert Cottrel as Orville Wright, Michelangelo, La Hire
  • Bernie Van De Yacht as Reporter, Student, St. Michael
  • Gregory Daven as Dan Tate
  • Tim Fitzgerald as Farman
  • Art Manke as Voisin
  • Kristie Transeau as Parisian Wife
  • Thom Marks as Telegrapher
  • Elizabeth Daily as Helen Keller
  • Mary Louise Gemmill as Anne Sullivan, St. Margaret
  • Ed Parlson as Arthur Keller
  • Bridget Connors as Kate Keller, Joan of Arc
  • Sandy Beth as Salai
  • Victor Mills as Leonardo da Vinci
  • Deborah Cummings as Duchess of Milan, St. Catherine
  • Bill Lane as Painter 1, Tailor
  • Thom Marks as Painter 2
  • Michael Altobello as Toothless Man, Messenger, Milan Incidental 1
  • Henry Scarfo as Artist
  • Corrado Giovannoni as Prior, Crony, Milan Incidental 2
  • Jennifer Joyce as Milan Incidental 3
  • Chris Van Fleet as French Captain
  • Jeff Simmons as Count Donois
  • Bum Merrill
  • Al Michaels
  • Neil Vipond
  • Jim Bullock
  • Apollo Dukakis
  • Elena Kravets
  • Christy Lane
  • Catherine Lavin
  • Quin Marino
  • John Smith
  • Sean Wright


Season 1 (1991–95)[edit]

  1. Christopher Columbus (1991)
  2. William Bradford: The First Thanksgiving (1992)
  3. General George Washington (1992)
  4. Benjamin Franklin: Scientist and Inventor (1993)
  5. President Abraham Lincoln (1993)
  6. Thomas Edison and the Electric Light (1993)
  7. Florence Nightingale (1993)
  8. Pocahontas (1994)
  9. Louis Pasteur (1995)

Season 2 (1995–97)[edit]

  1. (10) Alexander Graham Bell (1995)
  2. (11) Maccabees: The Story of Hanukkah (1995)
  3. (12) Harriet Tubman (1996)
  4. (13) The Wright Brothers (1996)
  5. (14) Helen Keller (1996)
  6. (15) Leonardo da Vinci (1996)
  7. (16) Joan of Arc (1996)
  8. (17) Marco Polo (1997)
  9. (18) Galileo (1997)
  10. (19) Marie Curie (1997)

Final Episode (2004)[edit]

  1. (20) Beethoven (2004)

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