Animation Academy

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Animation Academy
Animation Academy.jpg
Disney Animation building at Disney California Adventure in 2008.
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Area Animation Courtyard
Status Removed
Opening date May 1, 1989
Closing date July 12, 2015
Tokyo Disneyland
Name Disney Drawing Class
Area World Bazzar
Status Removed
Opening date 1994
Closing date September 30, 2016
Disney Quest
Status Closed
Opening date June 9, 1998
Closing date July 3, 2017
Disney California Adventure
Area Hollywood Land
Status Operating
Opening date February 8, 2001
Walt Disney Studios Park
Area Animation Courtyard
Status Operating
Opening date March 16, 2002
Hong Kong Disneyland Park
Area Main Street, U.S.A.
Status Operating
Opening date July 14, 2007
Shanghai Disneyland
Name Marvel Comic Academy
Area Gardens of Imagination
Status Operating
Opening date June 16, 2016
General statistics
Attraction type Drawing

Animation Academy is an attraction at Disney California Adventure, Walt Disney Studios Park and Hong Kong Disneyland. The same attraction formerly existed in Disney's Hollywood Studios and DisneyQuest, which closed in 2015.[1]

Tokyo Disneyland also features an almost identical attraction, named simply Disney Drawing Class, within The Disney Gallery in World Bazaar. The attraction was closed permanently on September 30th, 2016, to make way for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.[2][3]

In Shanghai Disneyland's Marvel Universe, similar attraction called Marvel Comic Academy is operating. This attraction features Marvel Comic's characters instead of Disney movies characters.


The attraction opened together with DisneyQuest in 1998. It was also recently added to Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney California Adventure. It can be found within Art of Disney Animation at Walt Disney Studios Park. The attraction opened at Hong Kong Disneyland on July 14, 2007 and is located adjacent to the Opera House in Main Street, U.S.A..

The attraction itself is a drawing session with a Disney animator who teaches guests to draw a Disney character. Guests may take their own artwork home if they want after the drawing session.


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