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Animation Collective
formerly: Subsidiary of FremantleMedia
PredecessorRumpus Toys
FounderLarry Schwarz
ProductsKappa Mikey, Princess Natasha, Three Delivery
Production output
OwnerCake Entertainment
ParentLarry Schwarz
SubsidiariesLarry Schwarz and his Band Edit this on Wikidata

Animation Collective is an American animated cartoon studio formed in 2003. The studio was based in New York City and was founded by Larry Schwarz. It was best known for its internet and television series using Adobe Flash, Maya and other software.

In October 2009, the studio was bought out by HandMade Films, the company that produced Monty Python's Life of Brian and Planet 51. It continued to produce content under their company.[1] They were offering bids for the proposed series Jolly Rabbit and HTDT.

In September 2011, FremantleMedia acquired the worldwide sales and distribution rights to Animation Collective's library.[2] In October 2017, Schwarz bought Animation Collective back from HandMade Films.[3] In September 2018, CAKE acquired the distribution rights to Animation Collective.[4]

The following year, Schwarz and others in the administrative office changed the studio's name to Larry Schwarz And His Band, as a way to start fresh. This effectively ended Animation Collective's run by name, although all the same employees still worked in the same office. The rights for the pitches and pilots for Jolly Rabbit and HTDT were transferred under the new title, as well as new shows Team Toon and Alien Dawn. HTDT was later sold to Toonz Entertainment, who delivered the series in 2015.

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