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Animation departments (or animation production departments) are the teams within a film studio that work on various aspects of animation such as storyboarding or 3D modeling. It can refer to a single department that handles animation as a whole or to multiple departments that handle specific tasks. It can also refer to a college department.

Departments [1][edit]

Retake department - looks for mistakes in animation and has it redone. An animator will check all frames one by one in order to ensure they flow smoothly.

Compositing department - handles special effects such as chroma keying and other aspects of compositing.

Inbetweening department - creates in-betweens, the frames that go between key frames (the main points of action in a scene) that make up the bulk of an animation.

Editing department - compiles and edits the animation (either in part or in its entirety) so that it is consistent.

Background department - draws the background art for scenes.

Storyboard department - plans out the animation using sketches of its main points (a storyboard).

Scanning department - converts traditionally-drawn media to digital and ensures frames aren't lost in the process.

Sound effects and musical scoring department - creates soundtracks and sound effects, such as with choirs, instruments, and Foley.

Layout department - stages scenes and creates plans for how a scene should look.

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