Anime Festival Orlando

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Anime Festival Orlando
Anime Festival Orlando 2010 logo.jpg
Logo for Anime Festival Orlando 11 (2010)
Status Active
Venue Wyndham Orlando Resort
Location(s) Orlando, Florida
Country United States
Inaugurated 2000

Anime Festival Orlando (AFO) is an annual three-day anime convention held during summer at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida.[1]


The convention typically offers an Artist Alley, cosplay contents, maid cafe, panels, rave, vendors, and a video game room.[1][2][3][4][5] An interactive game "Orlandia" occurs during the convention.[3][6] The convention's charity event in 2009 benefited Child’s Play.[6]


The conventions organization began in December 1999.[6] AFO shared space with another convention hosting Governor Jeb Bush in 2006.[7]

Event history[edit]

Dates Location Atten. Guests
August 19–20, 2000 Ramada Plaza Hotel and Inn Gateway
Kissimmee, Florida
450 Steve Bennett, Marshall Hash, and Wendee Lee.[8]
July 27–29, 2001 Hilton Orlando/Altamonte Springs
Altamonte Springs, Florida
1,000 Steve Bennett, Chynna Clugston-Major, Marshall Hash, Wendee Lee, Doug Smith, and Yoshiki Tokushu.[9]
August 16–18, 2002 Renaissance WorldGate
Kissimmee, Florida
Hiroshi Aro, Steve Bennett, Keith Burgess, Lindsay Cibos, Chynna Clugston-Major, Robert DeJesus, Ben Dunn, Marshall Hash, Jared Hodges, Wendee Lee, Jan Scott-Frazier, Doug Smith, Miyuki Sugimori, and Yoshiki Tokushu.[10]
August 1–3, 2003 Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida
Steve Bennett, Lindsay Cibos, Robert DeJesus, Tiffany Grant, Jared Hodges, Wendee Lee, Chris Patton, Meredith Placko, Jack Povlitz, and Jan Scott-Frazier.[11]
August 6–8, 2004 Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida
Steve Bennett, Sandy Fox, Lex Lang, Trish Ledoux, Wendee Lee, Meredith Placko, Jan Scott-Frazier, Doug Smith, and Toshifumi Yoshida.[12]
August 5–7, 2005 Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida
Tom Bateman, Steve Bennett, Bob Bergen, Michael Dobson, Sandy Fox, Lex Lang, Tony Oliver, Chris Sabat, Jan Scott-Frazier, Doug Smith, and Steve Yun.[13]
July 28–30, 2006 Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida
Lindsay Cibos, Aaron Dismuke, Quinton Flynn, Marc Handler, Jared Hodges, Vic Mignogna, Jeff Nimoy, Chris Sabat, Doug Smith, Veronica Taylor, and Travis Willingham.[14]
August 3–5, 2007 Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida
Lindsay Cibos, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Jason David Frank, Marc Handler, Jared Hodges, Chris Sabat, Doug Smith, Sonny Strait, and Travis Willingham.[15]
August 15–17, 2008 Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida
Colleen Clinkenbeard, Aaron Dismuke, Richard Epcar, Jason David Frank, Reuben Langdon, Chris Patton, Monica Rial, Doug Smith, Ellyn Stern, Travis Willingham, and Stephanie Yanez.[16]
July 31 – August 2, 2009 Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida
Robert Axelrod, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Aaron Dismuke, Jason David Frank, Reuben Langdon, Vic Mignogna, Chris Sabat, Doug Smith, and Sonny Strait.[17]
August 5–8, 2010 Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida
Jason David Frank, Reuben Langdon, Tony Oliver, Daniel Southworth, Sonny Strait, Jessica Straus, David Yost, and Tommy Yune.[18]
August 4–7, 2011 Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida
Johnny Yong Bosch, Quinton Flynn, Blake Foster, Jason David Frank, Reuben Langdon, Wendee Lee, Dan Southworth, John Swasey, and Cristina Vee.[19]
August 3–5, 2012 Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida
Grey DeLisle, D. C. Douglas, Richard Epcar, Jason David Frank, Kyle Hebert, Jason Narvy, Dan Southworth, Ellyn Stern, Sonny Strait, and Tara Strong.[20]
August 16–18, 2013 Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld
Orlando, Florida
Debi Derryberry, D.C. Douglas, Final Weapon, Jennifer Hale, HDninja, Ali Hillis, Jason Narvy, Tony Oliver, Bryce Papenbrook, Random Encounter, Rino Romano, S.S. Hanami, Paul Schrier, Stephanie Sheh, and Mike Sinterniklaas.[21]
July 25–27, 2014 Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida
Lucien Dodge, Reuben Langdon, Erica Mendez, Sean Schemmel, Stephanie Sheh, Cristina Vee, and Kari Wahlgren.[22]
August 14–16, 2015 Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida
Dante Basco, Todd Haberkorn, Reuben Langdon, Eric Stuart, and Veronica Taylor.[23]
July 29–31, 2016 Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida
Gregg Berger, Richie Branson, Aaron Dismuke, Todd Haberkorn, Reuben Langdon, Vic Mignogna, Mark Musashi, Stephanie Sheh, Mike Sinterniklaas, and John Swasey.[24]
June 9–11, 2017 Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida
Robert Axelrod, Bruce Carr, Caitlin Glass, Kazha, Josh Keaton, and Reuben Langdon.[25]


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