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Anime O-Tekku
Anime O-Tekku wiki image.jpg
Venue Georgia Tech Campus
Location(s) Atlanta, Georgia
Country United States

Anime O-Tekku has been Georgia Tech's anime club since 1995. A group of fans put together a student organization that provided a venue in which to watch anime from Japan once a month for a period of time (about 4 to 10 hours).[1] The club grew through a huge mailing list, word-of-mouth, and Georgia Tech community support. Anime O-Tekku is now one of the oldest still-surviving anime clubs in the state, and welcomes new members from Georgia Tech and the surrounding community. The club features an anime library and FTP server for members.[2] The official motto of the club is "Because there's always time to study later."[1]



  • Bi-monthly Meetings - Anime O-Tekku holds meetings approximately twice a month, featuring the latest Japanese anime that is airing in Japan.[1] Meetings are held on Saturdays from noon to 5pm. All meetings are free to attend for anyone in the community. Pizza is served at the meetings, paid members receive a set number of slices for free, there is a fee for non-members who would like to partake in the refreshments. Meetings have random giveaways and raffles on some occasions.[3][4]
  • Showings - The club also provides free showings of US-licensed anime in the Student Center Theater on some Wednesday nights at 6:30pm.[1] All material shown is displayed with permissions from the US licensing companies. Showings also feature random giveaways and anime trivia.[5]


Main article: MomoCon
  • MomoCon - Anime O-Tekku and its members are the driving force behind the annual anime/gaming/comic convention, MomoCon. MomoCon, like most Anime O-Tekku events, is free of charge to attend and club members usually comprise a large percentage of the staff.[6][7][8]
  • Anime Fest - To celebrate the spirit of free anime, Anime O-Tekku puts on Anime Fest, a week-long celebration that features 4-hour anime showings every night. Previous Anime Fest events usually occur in mid-April at the Student Center Theater at Georgia Tech and have featured raffles, popcorn, anime trivia, and other events.
  • Christmas Special - Every year Anime O-Tekku changes the format of the last meeting in the Fall (usually occurring around Dead week) to feature a presentation of the "Christmas special". Details about the special are not to be shared with people who have not seen the special.[2]


  • Georgia Tech Riki-Oh Night 2004 - Anime O-Tekku provided staff and planning aid to the annual cult movie festival and Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament, Riki-Oh Night.[9]
  • Tournaments - The club has and will host different types of video game tournaments, some for paid members only, and some open to the public. Previous events included Halo 2 and Super Smash Brothers Melee.
  • Anime Movies - Anime O-Tekku regularly works with Georgia Tech's Student Center Programs Council to bring anime movies to the Atlanta area. Previous screenings include Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Cowboy Bebop the Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door.
  • Conventions - Many Anime O-Tekku members serve as staffers and presenters for local conventions, including Dragon*Con and Anime Weekend Atlanta.
  • MomoCon was the second convention that Anime O-Tekku helped organize, the first being TechwoodCon in 2004.[6]


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