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The Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games takes place every year in Middlesbrough in the North East of England. The festival has its roots firmly planted in the creative side of the animation and computer games industries and acts to provide animators, directors, students, artists, designers, writers and educators with a forum in which they can share their knowledge and skills and promote the art of animation and computer games development.

Animex began as a two-day series of lectures by animators and industry professionals at the University of Teesside in February 2000, and has rapidly grown to a week-long festival incorporating the two-day event that began it all, Animex Talk. Animex Game expanded on this idea in 2004, by creating another two days of presentations, this time by games professionals. 2013 sees the birth of a new comics day, the first event hosted by Jim Zubkavich of Udon Entertainment

The main venue for the festival is The University of Teesside, with other events taking place at Cineworld Cinema and other venues throughout Middlesbrough and the rest of the north east.

The festival also runs an exhibition of animation and games art, an international student awards scheme, screenings, workshops and Animexperience, a programme of school and community events giving people the chance to try their hand at animation and meet industry luminaries.

Guest speakers in the past have included such industry professionals as Pixar animator Mark Walsh, Bob the Builder designer Curtis Jobling, Phil Tippett, Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, owner of Ritual Entertainment Richard Levelord Gray, Valve, Epic, Naughty Dog, Blitz Games, Ernest W. Adams, Chris Crawford, Professor Stuart Sumida and representatives from almost every major games and animation studio around the world.

Animex was in part the inspiration for the Red Stick International Animation Festival in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Animex is run by animation and computer games lecturers within the University of Teesside.

  • Festival Director - Gabrielle Kent
  • Animex Talk and Screen - Chris Wyatt
  • Animex Exhibition - Stephen Murray
  • Festival Founder - Chris Williams

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