Aniruddha Brahmarayar

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Aniruddha Brahmarayar was a leading minister in the court of the Chola emperor Sundara Chola. The "Anbil plates" of Sundara Chola are the primary source of information about him.

Family and ancestry[edit]

Aniruddha was born in a Vaishnavite Brahmin family of the village of Anbil. He belonged to Harita gotra. Aniruddha's father was a teacher of the Vedas.[citation needed]}


In the Anbil plates of Sundara Chola, Aniruddha is mentioned as manya sachiva. He was given the title Brahmarayar or Brahmadhiraja meaning "Brahmin king", usually reserved for high-ranking Brahmin bureaucrats in the Chola Empire. Aniruddha's family was also given a genrous grant of several velis by the monarch.[1]

In popular culture[edit]

Aniruddha Brahmarayar is one of the central characters in Kalki Krishnamurthy's semi-historical novel Ponniyin Selvan.


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