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Anish Luitel
Born1 April 1994
EducationTribhuwan University
Known forAthlete (Mountaineer)

Anish Luitel (Nepali: अनिस लुइँटेल; born 1 April 1994) is an mountaineer) and the first Boy Scout from Nepal to climb Mount Everest from both the North and South Side. [1]

After climbing Everest and completing each requirement, Luitel was endowed with the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

During the summer of 2019, Luitel volunteered as commissioner at Cuyuna Scout Camp. During the summer Luitel attended the Fifty Lakes Days annual celebration in the nearby town of Fifty Lakes. At this celebration, Luitel became the corn eating champion by eating 3 ears of corn in 1 minute.

Everest summits[edit]

Luitel made his first attempt to climb Mount Everest in 2015, which failed due to the massive avalanche caused by the April 2015 Nepal earthquake. Two of his teammates were killed in the avalanche.[2]

In 2016, May 21, at the age of 22, Luitel summited Mount Everest from the south side becoming the first scout from Nepal to summit Mount Everest. In this successful attempt, he brought the flag of the Northern Star Council of the Boy Scouts of America along with him. Anish also summited with the 100 year Anniversary flag of Boy Scout of America which is displayed on Northern Star Council[3]

In 2018, May 14, he climbed solo from the north side carrying the flag of the 2019 World Scout Jamboree, marking the first time the flag had been flown on Mount Everest in the history of Scouting.[4][5][6]



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