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Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Tracheophytes
Subdivision: Lycophytina
Class: Zosterophyllopsida
Genus: Anisophyton

Anisophyton was a genus of Silu-Devonian land plant with branching axes.[1]

A cladogram published in 2004 by Crane et al. places Anisophyton in the core of a paraphyletic stem group of broadly defined "zosterophylls", basal to the lycopsids (living and extinct clubmosses and relatives).[2]



†basal groups (Adoketophyton, Discalis, Distichophytum (=Rebuchia), Gumuia, Huia, Zosterophyllum myretonianum, Z. lianoveranum, Z. fertile)

†'core' zosterophylls (Zosterophyllum divaricatum, Tarella, Oricilla, Gosslingia, Hsua, Thrinkophyton, Protobarinophyton, Barinophyton obscurum, B. citrulliforme, Sawdonia, Deheubarthia, Konioria, Anisophyton, Serrulacaulis, Crenaticaulis)

†basal groups (Nothia, Zosterophyllum deciduum)

lycopsids (extant and extinct members)


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