Anita (given name)

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Pronunciation /əˈntə/ ə-NEE-tə
Gender Female
Language(s) Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Iranian
Other names
See also Anne, Ana, Anna, Annette, Annie

Anita is a common given name for women. The name first developed as a Spanish diminutive of Ana, and it was later adopted by English speakers in the 19th century. In Spanish Anita means grace. In Hebrew, Anita derives from the name Hannah, which means grace or graceful. Furthermore, Anita is the short form for Anahita, the Iranian water goddess in Avestan (an East Iranian language), and also has the meanings of kindness and being personable.

The name Anita is mostly used in regions where Persian, Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Scandinavian languages are spoken.


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