Anita Martínez

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Anita Martínez
Anita martinez.jpg
Anita Martinez in 2004
Born (1975-03-15) March 15, 1975 (age 44)
Other namesAna Elvira Martínez

Ana Elisa Martínez (18 March 1975, Buenos Aires, Argentina) better known as Anita Martínez is an actress, comedian, dancer, and Argentine television host.

For her comedy work she has won two Martín Fierro Awards due to her work in en Noche de Ronda, Showmatch, and Animales Sueltos, respectively. She also has received a Vos Award for her work in theater.


She started studying classical dance. Later, she decided to study musical theater. She got her first job on television after auditioning and being selected for the famous sports chain TyC Sports.

After going through several jobs, a producer convinced her to study acting:

«I started in social club and sports, following the legendary Mar de Fondo... I never wanted to be an actress, but I liked it and everything came from there: Telefe, Videomatch, Los Felipe, Vale la Pena!, Franco Buenaventura. I failed a lot, but it helped me to realize what I did not have to do... and kept doing it. Las chicas de la calle, la Casa de América, and others that are best not to remember.»

— Anita Martínez in an interview

By the end of 1996, she was on the television youth program Todo bien with Marcelo Mingochea on Channel 13.

The following year she debuted in the theater with the play Pijamas, which continued until 1999. In the 2000 season, she performed in El Show de las Divorciadas. Between 2004 and 2005 she acted in the comic series Panadería Los Felipe. In 2005, she participated in the comedy program Vale la pena, along with Fabián Gianola. In cinema, she participated in Apasionados and in El cine de Mailte. For several years, she advertised the Harpic toilet bowl cleaner.

Anita Martínez competed in the dance reality show Patinando por un Sueño, broadcast on the reality show Showmatch, led by Marcelo Tinelli, where she won the second place against Ximena Capristo after four months of competition.[1] She was called back after Cecilia Oviedo's resignation, who suffered severe injuries while rehearsing two weeks into the contest.

In 2008 she performed in the theatrical play Planeta Show, along with the renowned humorist Jorge Ginzburg.

In 2013, she starred in her own one-person theatrical, De Vuelta al Barrio.

She also was part of the reality television Bailando por un Sueño 2014, broadcast on Showmatch, along with her fellow comedian Marcos Bicho Gómez, and together they became the leading competitors with 59.42% of the public vote.[2] They won after eight months of competition. In 2016, she competed again with Bicho Gómez in Bailando por un Sueño 2016, where they got the fourteenth place after five months of competition. By the end of the same year, she was called by Flavio Mendoza to participate in his work Mahatma along with Facundo Mazzei, Barbie Franco, and the rock band from Córdoba, Iceberg del Sur.


Año Obra
1998-1999 Pijamas
2000 El show de las divorciadas
2001 Daikiri de humor
2002 El país del nomeacuerdo
2003 Locas de atar
2004-2005 El reino del revés
2008 Planeta show
2009 Confesiones de mujeres de 30
2010 El Gran Burlesque
2010 HisterioTipos
2013 Despedida de casado
2013-2014 De vuelta al barrio
2014 Estrellas del Varieté
2015 Anita y El Bicho
2015 La Más Pior
2017 Mahatma


Año Programa Rol Notas
1996 Todo bien Presentadora Junto a Marcelo Mingochea
2001 Despojados
2001 Yago, pasión morena Luisa
2004-2005 Panadería «Los Felipe» Lucy
2005 Vale la pena
2007 Patinando por un sueño Participante 2° puesto
2008 La Casa de América
2009 Animales sueltos Panelista
2009-2010 Este es el show Imitadora
2010 Humor de primera
2014 Bailando por un sueño 2014 Participante Ganadora
2015 Bailando por un sueño 2015 Participante 1º Abandono
2016 Polémica en el bar La maestra / Adelmar / Qp
2016 Bailando por un sueño 2016 Participante 12° participante eliminada.


Año Película
2002 Apasionados
2005 Papá se volvió loco
2008 El cine de Maite
2014 Socios por accidente
2015 Socios por accidente 2


Año Programa
2015 - Presente Sarasa (La 100)

Awards and Nominations[edit]

Año Premio Categoría Programa Resultado
2002 Premio Martín Fierro Revelación Yago, pasión morena Nominada
2008 Premio Martín Fierro Labor humorística femenina Noche de ronda Ganadora
2009 Premio Martín Fierro Labor humorística femenina La risa es bella Nominada
2010 Premio Martín Fierro Labor humorística femenina ShowMatch y Animales sueltos Ganadora
2015 Premios VOS Mejor Actriz Anita y el Bicho, una historia de humor Ganadora