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Anita Sarawak
Born Ithnaini binte Mohd Taib
(1952-03-23) 23 March 1952 (age 65)
Nationality Singaporean
Other names Anita Sarawak
Spouse(s) Mohamed Abdul Samad (1972 - 1979 divorced)
Broery Marantika (1981 - ? divorced)
Briton Mohammad Mahathir Abdullah (married 2001)
Parent(s) Dato' S Roomai Noor (father)
Siput Sarawak (mother)
Musical career
  • Singer
  • talk show host
  • actress
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1966–present

Ithnaini binti Mohamed Taib (born 23 March 1952), known professionally as Anita Sarawak is a Singapore-born singer, actress and talk show host.

Early years[edit]

Anita is the only child of actor and director S. Roomai Noor and actress Siput Sarawak. Her parents separated when she was very young, and she was allowed to meet her biological father only when she was 7 years old.


At 15, Anita started performing at weddings and other functions. Anita first came to prominence at the age of 17, when she released her debut album With A Lot O’ Soul. In 1974, she released her first Malay album.

Throughout the 1970s, Anita actively promoted Singapore as a tourist destination through her performances. In 1974, she performed for a week in Hawaii; in 1975, she performed for nine days in West Germany; in 1976 in Monte Carlo for two weeks.[1]

In 1979, she launched a three-month performing tour of the United States, including shows in New York, San Francisco and Chicago.[2]

In 1985, she took off for Las Vegas and spent 18 years there performing at Caesars Palace.

Anita has also hosted The Anita Talkshow and Astana and acted in the telecomedy Ajensi Melor and the telemove Topeng (Mask). She also released a cookbook, Cooking with Love, in 2004.

Personal life[edit]

Anita has been married four times. She is currently married to Briton Mohamad Mahathir Abdullah (formerly Martin Cox), who is her manager. The couple first met in Las Vegas, and wed in 2001.[3]

In December 1972, Anita married Mohamed Abdul Samad. The couple divorced in August 1979.[4]

In October 1981, Anita married the Indonesian singer Broery Pesulima despite her father's objections. Broery is Christian while Anita was born to Islam. The couple later separated.[5]

In 1995, Anita was caught for close proximity (khalwat) with her third husband J.D.Nicholson, who she was engaged to at the time. Anita attended a hearing in court and paid a fine.[6]

In September 2009, Anita's husband Mohamad Mahathir Abdullah was attacked outside her stepmother Datin Umi Kalthum's home in Taman Melawati, Malaysia. Anita subsequently forgave the robbers.[7]

In February 2011, Anita collected the Legend Award for her mother, Siput Sarawak, at the Seri Temasek Awards. Anita said, "It was the proudest day of my life, an exceptional and emotional moment."[8]

In July 2013, Anita's stepmother Datin Umi Kalthum, a veteran Malaysian actress, died. Anita, who lives in the United States, could not return for the funeral.[9]



  • With A Lot O’ Soul (1969)
  • Papa Ku Pulang (1971)
  • La La La Lu (1972)
  • Beautiful Saturday/Sunday (1973)
  • Between Me and He (1974)
  • Antara Aku dan Dia (1974)
  • Pesan Ayah (1974)
  • Environmental Terpuja (1975)
  • Live at the Mandarin Singapore (1975)
  • Joint hummed Anita (1976)
  • Sophisticated Lady (1976)
  • Gembira Bersama (1976)
  • Love Me (1977)
  • Dancing in the City (1978)
  • Gayamu Biar Sederhana (1979)
  • Anita Sarawak (1979)
  • For the Love (1981)
  • Peace (1982)
  • Kenangan Manis (1984)
  • I Love You (1985)
  • Asmara (1989)
  • Cinta Nan Satu (1990)
  • Antara Yang Manis (1992)
  • Bisikan Cinta (1993)
  • Seksis (2004)
  • Another Dimension (2005)
  • Anita Sarawak: Her Complete Evergreen Collection (2008)
  • Era Music Hits (2009)
  • Cinta Anita (Love Anita) (2010)



  • Dua Kali Lima (1966)


Host TV[edit]

  • Anita (2003) - (Astro Ria)
  • Kwek Mambo Anita (2008) - (Astro Prima)
  • Astana (2009) - (Astro Ria)


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