Anita och Televinken

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Anita och Televinken
Anita & Televinken 1966.jpg
Anita & Televinken in 1966
Genre children
Starring Anita Lindman Lamm
Voices of Ola Lundberg
Country of origin Sweden
Original language(s) Swedish
Original network SVT

Anita och Televinken was a Swedish children's programme starting at Sveriges Radio-TV 1964.[1] Televinken was a marionette operetated by Ola Lundberg, also voicing the doll. Anita Lindman Lamm played Anita.

In 1969, cooperation with Barnens trafikklubb began. Programmes aired over Sveriges Radio. The theme was teaching children how to act when out in traffic, often with song lyrics written by Gullan Bornemark, usually re-using famous tunes.[2] In 1974, NTF and Barnens trafikklubb released Anita & Televinkens trafikskiva.[3]

The cancellation of the traffic-related programmes has been criticized for reducing the awareness of how to act out in traffic.[4]


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