Anjaneya Temple, Alamelumangapuram

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The Anjaneya Temple at Alamelumangapuram, a part of Mylapore in Chennai, India was constructed at the directions of Jayendra Saraswathi, the Shankaracharya of Kanchi matha.


The idol was installed on 31 March 1985 and consecrated on 26 June 1986.[citation needed]


The temple has the tallest statue of Hanuman in Chennai - about 14 foot high. The tall Hanuman was made and installed at the request of Jayendra Saraswathi. At present there are shrines for Hayagriva Perumal, garudar, Ganapathy, a small shrine for two seated and one standing Anjaneya idols, a shrine for Kothandaramar with Sitapirati and Lakshmana.


The speciality of the temple is the koti archana wherein one crore names of the Hindu god Hanuman are being recited over a period of two years.