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Angela Margaret Jane (Anji) Hunter (born 1955) works in public relations.

Hunter was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya where her father was a rubber plantation manager, and educated at St Leonards School in St Andrews, Scotland[1] and St. Clare's, Oxford, a school whose sixth form she attended. While still in Scotland at 15, she first met Tony Blair.[2] After gaining a First in History and English during 1988 from the Brighton Polytechnic, she began working for Blair, now an MP, as his political assistant.[1] Hunter became Director of Government Relations for Tony Blair's government in 1997,[1] where she was described as "the most influential non-elected person in Downing Street".

In 2001 she left Downing Street to become Director of Communications at the oil giant BP in 2002.[3] In 2009 she was appointed Director of External Affairs for Anglo American plc.[citation needed] She is a board member of the Snowdon Trust, founded by the Earl of Snowdon, which provides grants and scholarships for students with disabilities. [4]

Private life[edit]

Hunter married the landscape gardener Nick Cornwall in 1980.[1] The couple had two children, Finnbar and Lara, and later divorced.[citation needed]

In 2006 Hunter married Adam Boulton, political editor for Sky News[5][6] until 2014.[citation needed]


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