Anjo Mau

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Anjo Mau
Ángel Malo
Genre Telenovela
Created by Cassiano Gabus Mendes
(original work)
Maria Adelaide Amaral
(version 1997)
Starring Glória Pires
Kadu Moliterno
Alessandra Negrini
Leonardo Brício
Maria Padilha
Mauro Mendonça
Beatriz Segall
Daniel Dantas
José Lewgoy
Gabriel Braga Nunes
Lavínia Vlasak
Samara Felippo
Opening theme "Cruzando Raios"
Composer(s) Orlando Morais
Country of origin Brazil
Original language(s) Portuguese
No. of episodes 173
Running time 40 minutes
Original channel Rede Globo
Original release September 8, 1997 – March 27, 1998

Anjo Mau is a remake of original 1976 Brazilian telenovela that was produced and aired by TV Globo between September 8, 1997 and March 27, 1998. It was produced in 173 chapters.

Featuring Glória Pires, Kadu Moliterno, Maria Padilha, Daniel Dantas, Leonardo Brício, Alessandra Negrini, Mauro Mendonça and Gabriel Braga Nunes in leading roles.


Nice, the main character in the story, is a young woman who is unstoppable. She and her father Augusto are employed in the mansion of the Medeiros, a wealthy and traditional family. She has just one goal on her mind - to marry Rodrigo Medeiros, the eldest son of the family, and brother of her mistress, Stela. The ambitious Nice does everything to win the boy. She thinks of the day when she will no longer be poor, becoming the owner of that house and taking possession of Rodrigo's fortune. She eventually falls in love with Rodrigo. But after a while, she suffers for her evil deeds and repents.

With an angelic face but a devilish attitude, Nice is dissatisfied with her predictable fate - marrying her boyfriend Julio, living in a cramped rented house in the suburbs, having many children, and being a stay-at-home woman. She doesn't want all of this, as her biggest goal in life is to be powerful and to look down upon people.

Nice tries to get closer to Rodrigo. He is about to marry Paula, but she learns through a babysitter that the bride is going to betray him with his own brother, Ricardo. Disillusioned and willing to challenge his family and their pride, Rodrigo begins to approach the nanny and eventually appears on the night of São Paulo in the company of Nice. It feels powerful because it takes place in thin and is frequented by celebrities. She makes friends with him, pretending to feel sorry for the heartbreak he suffered, and so as a friend she is worried she will likely win, but the path is not yet fully open to Nice.

Over time, Rodrigo is enchanted with the sweet Wendy, a girl that Bindisi, a shy boy is passionate about, and the nurse uses his own brother, Luis Carlos, to separate the two. Once again Rodrigo thinks he was betrayed and disappointed completely by women. Then here comes Nice again for him as a best friend whom he can trust, a pure staging and so he sees that it is a different woman, and perhaps the love for what it is and not by what he has, a big mistake.

While struggling to win in the mansion of Rodrigo Medeiros, Nice has living hell at home: She is the adopted daughter of Augustus and Alzira. The father loves his daughter as his own, but Alzira, the mother, nurtures a strange hatred for Nice and hides a secret past involving adoption. Nice's mother lives bedeviling the playing pests, humiliates, sends her away from home and often the attacks. Living in this environment since it was adopted created chances to become a nice woman outraged and angry life.

Possibly Nice is the daughter of Augustus with his mistress, and who was created Alzira and the two decided to tell her adoptive parents who were Alzira but never forgave the betrayal of her husband and not to have been forced to create the fruit of this treachery, as she can not have children, or stay with Nice and stayed married or separated from her husband. Afraid of losing him, the girl agreed to create. Nice's mother possibly died at birth or abandoned newborn with Augustus. This may explain the terrible fact of a mother just hate the daughter of my heart.

In addition to the central plot, racial prejudice rule out the simple-minded daughter of Teresa Cida: To keep the marriage a millionaire with the bad character Ruy Novaes, Teresa says that her mother has died fearing that her husband discovers that she is black. But Bruno, the son of Teresa and Randy, Vívian starts dating the daughter of creating Cida, forcing Teresa digging up his past, to his utter despair, as the black to be discriminated she fears losing her husband and be humiliated.

The decline of the traditional São Paulo family is also focused on four hundred years of history, through the Jordan sisters Clotilde and Elisinha Ferraz, trying to hide the ruin keeping the pose and giving ice.

The novel also shows the struggles Goreti the dressmaker undergoes to educate her daughter Simone. Goreti was abandoned in the past by the man who had impregnated her, whom she had loved greatly, but he had only used it against her. She and her daughter face many difficulties. Simone is not ready to forgive her father. He is Thaddeus, the jealous husband of Stella Medeiros who, filled with remorse, tries to approach his teenage daughter but she doesn't want to see him. This results in many fights between the two throughout the novel. Simone prefers to be with her poor mother than with her rich father.

The Medeiros family goes bankrupt. Nice continues to dominate and manipulate everyone in the house until she despairs and finds herself in love with Rodrigo.


in order of opening of the novel
Actor Character
Glória Pires Nice Noronha
Family Medeiros
Actor Character
José Lewgoy Eduardo Medeiros
Kadu Moliterno Rodrigo Medeiros
Maria Padilha Stella Medeiros Facchini
Leonardo Brício Ricardo Medeiros
Daniel Dantas Tadeu Facchini
Family Novaes
Actor Character
Mauro Mendonça Ruy Novaes
Alessandra Negrini Paula Novaes
Luíza Brunet Teresa Novaes
Emílio Orciollo Netto Bruno Novaes
Family Alzira Machado
Actor Character
Cláudio Corrêa e Castro Augusto
Regina Dourado Alzira Machado
Márcio Garcia Luís Carlos
Family Jordão Ferraz
Actor Character
Beatriz Segall Clô (Clotilde Jordão)
Jackson Antunes Fred (Frederico Jordão)
Ariclê Perez Elisinha Jordão Ferraz
Bel Kutner Helena Jordão Ferraz
Gabriel Braga Nunes Olavinho Jordão Ferraz
Family Garcia
Actor Character
Lília Cabral Goreti Garcia
Luís Salém Benny Garcia
Family Noronha
Actor Character
Taís Araújo Vívian
Léa Garcia Cida
Family Furtado
Actor Character
Raul Gazolla Ciro Furtado
Sérgio Viotti Américo Abreu
Lavínia Vlasak Lígia Abreu Furtado
Mila Moreira Marilu Abreu Furtado
And more
Actor Character
Thelma Reston Tiana
Ivone Hoffmann Geralda
Júlio Braga Aragão
Ada Chaseliov Dora
Marcela Raffea Socorro
Átila Iório Josias
Ana Beatriz Nogueira Duda (Maria Eduarda Medeiros)
And twins
Bruno e Tiago Téo (Teodoro Medeiros)
Actor Character
Samara Felippo Simone Garcia
Luciano Szafir Júlio

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