Anju Inami

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Anju Inami
Native name 伊波 杏樹
Born (1996-02-07) February 7, 1996 (age 22)
Occupation Voice actress, singer, stage actress
Agent Sony Music Artists
Notable credit(s) Love Live! Sunshine!! as Chika Takami
Musical career
Genres J-pop
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2012 - present.

Anju Inami (伊波 杏樹, Inami Anju, born February 7, 1996) is a Japanese stage actress, singer, and voice actress from Saitama. She is currently affiliated with Sony Music Artists.[1]


Anju Inami's signature, 2016

Inami graduated from Yoyogi Animation School.[1] She aspired to become a voice actress after watching the anime series Clannad.[2]

She won the second Grand Prix of Sony Music Artists' Anistoteles in 2012.[3] While she was working as a stage actress, she debuted as a voice actress in a short animation Hinata no Aoshigure.[4]

She has been a Love Live! and μ's fan, even has balloted for concert tickets. She knew of Love Live! through Love Live! School Idol Festival when a friend introduced it to her.[5] She also appointed to be main character for its successor Love Live! Sunshine!!, as Chika Takami. Along with 8 other girls, she is part of its idol group Aqours and sub unit CYaRon! (シャロン, read as Sharon) along with Shūka Saito and Ai Furihata. Inami is nicknamed "Anchan" by both fans and fellow Aqours members.[6]

She had an online radio show titled "Inami Anju no Hachamecha Mechamecha Ii Desu ka!?" (伊波杏樹のハチャメチャめちゃめちゃいいですか!?) which aired between April and June 2016 on AG-ON. [7] In November 2016, it was announced that Inami would be one of the permanent hosts of the Love Live! Sunshine!! radio program along with Arisa Komiya and Aika Kobayashi.



Main roles are marked in bold.



  • Koku no Ishtaria (Age of Ishtaria) as Lancelot; Yoichi; Isola
  • Lemuria ~Strada of Chain~ as Aoi
  • Love Live! School Idol Festival as Chika Takami
  • Shooting Girls as Remi Yonehira
  • To Heart: Heartful Party as Hina Mitsuhoshi
  • Tokyo 7th Sisters as Jedah Diamond
  • Granblue Fantasy as Aqours Second-Years
  • Uma Musume Pretty Derby[11]


Live Stage[edit]

Radio Show[edit]

  • Inami Anju no Hachamecha Mechamecha Ii Desu ka!? (2016-, AG-ON)
  • Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Uranohoshi Jogakuin Radio!! (2016-, Hibiki Radio Station)


Title Artist Album/Single Note
12-02 "Good Shepherd" Anju Inami Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai -Library Party-』OP&EDTheme
「Good Shepherd」「Life, Like, Party!」
12-30 "LOVE☆DON!!" Rejet Sound Collection vol.2 「LOVE GEYSER」 Situation CD LOVE☆DON!! (theme song)
03-30 "Anime wo Katare! Animegatari Dōkōkai no Theme~" Maya (Inori Minase)
Erika (Anju Inami)
Anime wo Katare! ~Animegatari Dōkōkai no Theme~ Short animation by Toho
"Jigen no Hate Made Koiseyo Otome"
"Twilight Day's"

As Aqours[edit]


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