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The 12th-century Protestant church of Anjum (2008)
The 12th-century Protestant church of Anjum (2008)
Flag of Anjum
Location of Anjum
Country Netherlands Netherlands
Province Friesland Friesland
 • Total c. 1,150

Anjum (West Frisian: Eanjum) is a village in the Dutch province of Friesland. It is located in the municipality Dongeradeel.


Windmill De Eendracht

The name of the village is often said to mean "home of the Anos or Aningas". Another explanation is that it comes from the word "Hanjum" (corner). It is thought that Anjum's surroundings were once much more densely populated.

The terp of Anjum was set up on a then-existing marsh ridge and, in the course of time got bigger and bigger. The village frequently suffered floods. The All Saints' Flood (1570) claimed hundreds of victims, and the Christmas flood of 1717 drowned 53.


From 1913 to 1935 Anjum was the terminus of the North Friesland Railway. The line reopened in May 1940 and closed in July 1942. The station building still stands.

Coordinates: 53°22′29″N 6°07′38″E / 53.37472°N 6.12722°E / 53.37472; 6.12722