Anjuman, Afghanistan

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Anjuman is located in Afghanistan
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 35°53′N 70°25′E / 35.883°N 70.417°E / 35.883; 70.417Coordinates: 35°53′N 70°25′E / 35.883°N 70.417°E / 35.883; 70.417
Country  Afghanistan
Province Badakhshan Province

Anjuman (Persian: انجمن Anjoman‎), also written Anjoman, is the name of a village in Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan. It lies within the Anjuman Valley, about 18 miles from the mouth of the valley. Another village, Anjuman-i-Khurd, lies close by. Around the turn of the 21st century, the village had 90 occupied residences, primarily Tajiks. The grazing in the area was good, and the inhabitants were a peaceful lot, and relatively poorly armed.[1]

The village is located on the scenic Anjuman Pass, which connects Badakhshan to the Panjshir Valley in the south. Each year cattle are herded through Anjuman from the high plains of Badakhshan Province down to the south.[2]

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