Anjuman (1970 film)

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Directed by Hassan Tariq
Produced by Safdar Masud
Written by Agha Hassan Imtisal
Starring Waheed Murad
Santosh Kumar
Sabiha Khanam
Music by Nisar Bazmi
Edited by Al-Hameed
Distributed by Eveready Pictures
Release date
31 July 1970
Running time
approx. 3 hours
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu

Anjuman, a Pakistani Urdu colour film, was released on 31 July 1970, starring Waheed Murad, Rani, Deeba, Santosh Kumar, Sabiha Khanam and Lehri. The film was released during the hey days of Waheed Murad and became a milestone in Waheed's career. The film was produced by Safdar Masud under the banner Ideal Movies and directed by Hassan Tariq, a well-known Pakistani film director.[1]

The film was released at the worst possible political situation of the country with Bangladesh war of independence raging in former East Pakistan. Nevertheless, the film became a huge success,[2] with famous tracks by Runa Laila and Ahmed Rushdi.[3]

The film won Nigar Awards in the categories of best film, best director, best screenplay, best musician, best lyricist, best playback female singer, best editor, best art director and best comedian.[4]

Release of film[edit]

Anjuman was released on 31 July 1970, at the worst political time of Pakistan, by Babar Pictures. The film ran for continuously 81 weeks at cinemas in Karachi. The film celebrated a Platinum Jubilee and became a huge success for the year 1970.[3]


The film is a tragedy based on a tawaif (courtesan) 'Anjuman' played by Rani, who is a "tawaiif" who flirts with the emotions of a wealthy Santosh Kumar and later falls in love with his younger brother played by Waheed Murad. In order to save his older brother's marriage, Waheed's character decides to frequent Anjuman's "kotha" in an "exchange" demanded by Anjuman, although Waheed being in love with another girl (played by Deeba). Sabiha plays the role of wife of the older brother's character in the film, and eventually implores Anjuman to forsake her own love so that Waheed's Character can live happily. At the end, Anjuman (Rani) has to face a fate worse than death, where she is invited to sing at the wedding of her lover. Lovelorn and disappointed Anjuman offers a woeful song, as she has swallowed poison, and dies at the feet of her lover.

Remake of film in 2013[edit]

Its remake was made in 2013 with the same name, which starred Imran Abbas Naqvi, Sara Loren, Alyy Khan, directed by Yasir Nawaz and produced by Tarang Housefull.


The music was directed by Nisar Bazmi.[1] Songs of the film, especially sung by Runa Laila, became a huge success in Pakistan:


Anjuman won 8 Nigar Awards in the following categories:[4]

Category Recipient
Best film Safdar Masud
Best director Hassan Tariq
Best music Nisar Bazmi
Best lyrics Masroor Anwar
Best female playback singer Runa Laila[3]
Best editing Al-Hameed
Best art director Habib Shah
Best comedian Lehri


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