Anjoran Nasib

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Anjuran Nasib
Directed by B.S. Rajhans
Produced by Malay Film Productions
Music by Yusof B.
Release date
  • 1952 (1952)
Country Malaysia
Language Malay

Anjuran Nasib is a 1952 Malay movie directed by B.S. Rajhans and produced by Malay Film Productions. Anjuran Nasib literally means Fate's Hand in Malay.[1]


Young Inspector Bahram falls in love with Maimun, a singer and intends to marry her. However, his younger sister Ramlah who was placed under the custody of Razak, their uncle mistreat her physically and mentally. The story gets more complicated as Razak is also Maimun's boss.

Ramlah's father left them to grow up in Singapore while he went to live in Java to become a millionaire. He receives a letter from Bahram inviting him to his marriage just before he dies of old age.


  • P. Ramlee as Inspector Bahran
  • Mariam as Maimun
  • Harun Omar as Haji Salleh
  • Daeng Harris Sa'diah as Ramlah
  • Musalmah Omar Rojik as Sidek
  • R. Azmi as Salleh Kamil


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