Ankahee (1985 film)

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Ankahee (1985 film)
Directed by Amol Palekar
Produced by Jayant Dharmadhikari
Amol Palekar
Screenplay by Kamlesh Pandey [1]
Based on Kalay Tasmai Namaha
by C. T. Khanolkar
Starring Amol Palekar
Deepti Naval
Dr. Shriram Lagoo
Vinod Mehra
Music by Jaidev
Release date
Running time
129 Mins
Country India
Language Hindi

Ankahee (English: The Unspoken) is a 1985 Indian drama film directed by Amol Palekar and starring Amol Palekar, Deepti Naval and Dr. Shriram Lagoo. It was based on the Marathi-language play Kalay Tasmai Namaha by C. T. Khanolkar. The film is also noted for its soundtrack, which won two awards at the 32nd National Film Awards, including Best Music Direction for Jaidev and Best Male Playback Singer for noted classical singer Pt. Bhimsen Joshi. Asha Bhosle also sang a song, "Kauno Thagwa Nagariya". Director Amol Palekar's next film in the dual role of actor-director was Samaantar (2009).[2]


Well known Indian astrologer Jyotibhaskar Pandit Satyanarayan Chaturvedi wishes good luck to a doctor, who is about to perform surgery on a woman, but also tells him that the patient will not survive. The doctor (a non-believer in Astrology) scoffs at this, and proceeds to the operation theatre. However, just as the astrologer had predicted, the patient dies.

The astrologer lives with his wife, Devaki, and their son, Nandu. The astrologer would like to see Nandu marrying a woman named Indu Agnihotri. But Nandu loves Sushma Chatopadhyay and wants to marry her.

It is at this stage that the father tells his son that he is destined to marry twice in his lifetime, with his first wife dying within eleven months of their marriage, after which he will remarry.

An educated Nandu must now decide, whether to believe his father, let go of Sushma, and explore an option of marrying her after Indu dies, or, defy his astrological beliefs and marry her, with a possible eventuality of her death within eleven months of their marriage.[3]


Actor Role Other
Amol Palekar Devkinandan Chaturvedi Nandu
Deepti Naval Indumati Mishra 'Indu'
Shriram Lagoo Jyotibhaskar Pandit Satyanarayan Chaturvedi Nandu's Father
Dina Pathak Devaki Chaturvedi Nandu's Mother
Anil Chatterjee Mishra Indu's Father
Devika Mukherjee Sushma Chatopadhyay Nandu's Love interest
Vinod Mehra Doctor In opening scene
Vidhu Vinod Chopra Patwardhan Nandu's Cousin
Vidula Seema Patwardhan's Wife
Anant Bhave Psychiatric Doctor


All the songs are composed by Jaidev, and feature semi-classical and devotional songs.



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