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Kasaba Ankalgi

Adiveppana Ankalgi
Country India
 • Total20,000
 • OfficialKannada
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Nearest cityBelagavi (32 km)

Ankalgi is a village in Gokak taluk, Belagavi district of Karnataka state in southern India. It is a big village consisting of 64 small villages. Earlier, all this area was popularly known as "Kundara Nadu"[citation needed] and known for its freedom fighters - Deshpandes'. Ankalgi is also famous for the temple of Shri Adavi Siddeshwara[citation needed]. Surrounding villages include Akkatangerahal,Lagameshwar, Gujanal, Suldhal,Yaddalagudd,budihal Hudli, Pachapur and many more. A weekly market is held on Friday where all village peoples gather and arrange the market.

Ankalagi is known for its Jain community. Ankalgi has the 80-year-old Sri Chandraprabhu Teerthankara Jain Temple which is built during the 1920s. Ankalgi is also known for business. Nearly all business is controlled by the Jain community including pharmaceuticals, steel, agribusiness, and retail shops. Ankalgi is also known for 30 number Beedi, Oil Mills,.

Bidi making is an important means of earning a living for the villagers. The trend of Bidi Factories was started by Dastagir Yargatti known as Yallur Dastagirsab to provide occupations to the poor which later become a major business. He started some 12 brands of Bidis namely Vistu, Double Hatti & Dastagir Bidi etc. Later the city had other majors coming in to set up factories like Sinnar, Ganesh bidi etc.,

Ankalgi now has Shiroor Dam which has really helped with irrigation of farms. The main crops of Ankalgi are tobacco, sugar cane, cotton, soybean, and vegetables. Ankalgi also has Kari Basavanna (Black Bull) temple which was famous in olden days.

Ankalgi has more than 10 schools as education is also important to build the village.This village consists of a school named N S F High School Ankalgi "S A High School and S A English Medium School" Vidhyaranya Convent school,which is renowned for its education, culture and discipline. Ankalgi has Bellary halla and streams surrounded by pashapuri bhaavi.

Adavi Siddeshwara fair is famous in the entire Belagavi district. This fair is held annually in March/April.


Coordinates: 16°02′N 74°42′E / 16.033°N 74.700°E / 16.033; 74.700