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Ankaratra is located in Madagascar
Location of Ankaratra range

Ankaratra is an extinct/dormant volcano range located about 50 kilometers southwest of Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar. It lies between the towns of Arivonimamo to the North, Ambatolampy to the East, Faratsiho to the West and Betafo to the South. Some trace of activity remains in the southernmost part of the range, creating hot springs in the area around Antsirabe.

The highest peak in Ankaratra is Tsiafajavona ("never out of the fog"), at 2,644 metres (8,668 ft.) above sea level. It is located in the Central Highlands

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Coordinates: 19°25′S 47°12′E / 19.417°S 47.200°E / -19.417; 47.200