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High Priest of Ptah in Memphis
Berlin Neues Museum - généalogie d'Ankhefensekhmet.jpg
Genealogy of Ankhefensekhmet (Berlin 23673).
Predecessor Ashakhet II
Successor Shedsu-nefertum
Dynasty 21st Dynasty
Pharaoh Psusennes II? and Shoshenq I?
Father Ashakhet II
Wife Tapeshenese, First Chief of the Harem of Ptah and Prophetess of Mut
Children Shedsu-nefertum

Ankhefensekhmet was a High Priest of Ptah during the 21st Dynasty. He probably served during the reign of Psusennes II and maybe the reign of Shoshenq I.

Ankhefensekhmet is known from a genealogy known as Berlin 23673, where he is said to be a prophet (hm nTr). He is also mentioned in a genealogy from the Louvre where he is said to be a High Priest of Ptah.

Ankhefensekhmet is known to have married the Lady Tapeshenese, who served as the First Chief of the Harem of Ptah and Prophetess of Mut. She was the mother of his successor Shedsu-nefertum.[1]


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