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Dynasty 4th Dynasty
Father Khafre
Burial Mastaba LG 87 in Giza
S34 m&a
in hieroglyphs

Ankhmare was an ancient Egyptian prince and vizier of the 4th dynasty. His titles include king's eldest son of his body (sA-nswt n Xt=f), as well as chief justice and vizier (smsw tAjtj sAb TAtj).[1] Ankhmare was a son of Pharaoh Khafre and was named after god Ra.[2]


His titles include:[3]

  • Hereditary prince, count, the eldest King's son of his body
  • Chief Ritualist of His Father
  • Chief justice and vizier
  • Treasurer of his father, the King of Lower Egypt.


Ankhmare's tomb is G 8460, located in the Central Field which is part of the Giza Necropolis.[1] The entrance leads to a rock-cut chapel. Two pillars divide the chapel into two parts. In the area behind the pillars three burial shafts are dug into the floor.

  • Shaft no 1350 contained a skeleton. Foot prints of a man and a boy were found in the area around the body. These presumably belonged to the grave robbers who violated the burial chamber in antiquity.
  • Shaft no 1351 was a simple pit.
  • Shaft no 1352 contained a limestone sarcophagus which was placed against the west wall.[3]


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