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Hangul 안면도
Hanja 安眠島
Revised Romanization Anmyeondo
McCune–Reischauer Anmyŏndo

Anmyeondo (Korean: Hangul 안면도, Hanja 安眠島) is an island in Taean county, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea. Originally a peninsula, Yeonguijeong Kim Yuk ordered the flooding of the area between Changgiri (Anmyeoneup) and Sinonri (Nammyeon) to protect tax sent to Hanyang (now Seoul) from plunder by Japanese pirates. In 1970, the Anmyeongyo bridge (length 208.5 metres) was constructed to connect the island to the mainland.

Places to travel[edit]

Coordinates: 36°30′N 126°22′E / 36.500°N 126.367°E / 36.500; 126.367