Ann Dancing

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Ann Dancing
Ann Dancing by Julian Opie.jpg
Artist Julian Opie
Year 2007
Type LED sculpture;
Four light emitting display panels (LEDs); paint, aluminum, glass, and lights.
Dimensions 189 cm × 86 cm × 86 cm (74.5 in × 34 in × 34 in); dimensions omit the base
Location Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Indianapolis, Indiana

Ann Dancing is an artwork created in 2007 by Julian Opie (born 1958, London) an English artist and former trustee of the Tate.[1] The sculpture was removed from its base on August 20, 2008, for repairs,[2] and was returned on October 31 of that year.[3]


The sculpture consists of four rectilinear panels of light-emitting diode (LED) screens that each display the same animated image in orange of a woman on all four panels. The woman, "Ann," is wearing a sheath dress and sways from side to side in a dancing motion. Ann either has pointed feet or is wearing high-heeled shoes. She appears to have no clear hairstyle.

It is probable that the animated image of Ann dancing is computer generated from an internally housed computer located in the red brick base of the sculpture.

History and Location[edit]

The sculpture was installed at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue, Alabama Street, and Vermont Street in Indianapolis from January to February, 2008. The sculpture is located directly in front of the Old Point Tavern and was the first artwork installed on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail [1] at a total expense of $150,000.[4]

The sculpture is visible in the Google Maps Street View, but only from the middle of the intersection [2].

—Julian Opie, 2008.[4]


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Coordinates: 39°46′21″N 86°9′7″W / 39.77250°N 86.15194°W / 39.77250; -86.15194