Ann Forrest

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Ann Forrest
Ann Forrest.jpg
Ann Kroman

14 April 1895
Sønderho, Denmark
Died25 October 1985 (aged 90)
Other namesAnne Kornan
Ann Kornan
Anne Kroman
Anna Kromann
Ann Kromarm
Ann Kronan
Years active1915-1931

Ann Forrest (known also by her birth name Anna Kromann[1] and as Ann Kroman or Ann Kornan) was a Danish actress of Hollywood silent films.


Forrest was born 14 April 1895 in Sønderho, Denmark and died 25 October 1985 in San Diego, California, United States. Between 1915 and 1925 she appeared in 33 movies. According to Ruth Wing, author of the Blue Book of the Screen, Forrest enjoyed playing homely character roles, and often wept during the film. However, wanting to capitalize on her beauty, producers later cast her in society dramas.

Wing wrote, "Ann Forrest is 'different'. She is different from most screen stars in personality and beauty. But the greatest difference lies in her achievement of cinema fame. Ann wept her way to stardom."[2]

Forrest in ad for The Great Impersonation 1922.[3]


Year Title Role Notes
1917 The Birth of Patriotism Mary
1917 The Flame of Youth Lucy Andrews
1917 The Midnight Man Irene Hardin
1917 The Tar Heel Warrior Betty Malroy
1917 The Medicine Man Edith Strang
1918 The Shoes That Danced Mamie Conlon
1918 An Honest Man Ruby Cushing
1918 Her Decision Inah Dunbar
1918 Marked Cards Winona Harrington
1918 The Rainbow Trail Fay Larkin
1919 Love's Prisoner Sadie, Nancy's sister
1919 The Grim Game Mary Wentworth
1919 The Midnight Man
1920 Dangerous Days Anna Klein
1920 The Great Accident Hetty Morfee
1920 The Prince Chap Phoebe Puckers
1920 A Splendid Hazard Laura Killigrew
1920 Behold My Wife! Marion Armour
1921 The Faith Healer Rhoda Williams
1921 A Wise Fool Zoe Barbille
1921 The Great Impersonation Rosamond Dominey
1922 Love's Boomerang Perpetua
1922 The Man Who Played God Marjory Blaine
1923 If Winter Comes Nona, Lady Tybar
1923 Marriage Morals Mary Gardner
1925 Ridin' Pretty Maize (final film role)


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