Ann Grocott

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Ann Grocott
Born Glenelg, South Australia
Nationality Australian
Known for Painting, Writing

Ann Grocott (born 1938) is an Australian writer and painter. In addition to figurative, portraiture and landscape painting, her artworks include: assemblages in fabric, cement, wood, found objects etc.; oils on canvas, paper and plaster; watercolours and small sculptures.[1]


Ann Grocott was born in South Australia. Her father was the Australian painter, Noel Herbert Wood.[citation needed]

In the 1980s Grocott published two novels for children aged 8–12 years: Duck For Danger and Danni's Desperate Journey (Angus & Robertson) a handbook "How to write for children" (AWPS) and several short stories. After this she decided to concentrate on painting. After working for a decade as a self-taught artist, Grocott earned a Post-Graduate Diploma in Fine Art from Monash University in 1991.[2]

She is represented in private and public collections. In 1999, she was one of five chosen to represent Australia in the Worldwide Millennium Art Show which later became the United Nations Millennium Artshow.[3] She has had several works shown in the Salon des Refuses, Sydney, Australia, an alternative to the prestigious exhibitions held annually for the Archibald and Wynne Prizes. She has had many solo and group exhibitions.

Ann Grocott currently lives in Queensland, Australia.[2]


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