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Ann Hodgman (born 1956) is an American author of more than forty children's books as well as several cookbooks and humor books and many magazine articles.


Ann Hodgman was raised in Rochester, New York and graduated from Harvard University in 1978.[1] At Harvard, she was a staff member on the Harvard Lampoon and the Harvard Advocate. Between 1978 and 1984, she lived in New York City and worked as a children's book editor for Bantam Books.[1] She and her husband, author David Owen, moved to Washington, Connecticut and in 1988, she had a son.[1]


Hodgman's Beat That! Cookbook (1995), was considered one of the funniest cookbooks the Library Journal had reviewed.[2] How To Die of Embarrassment Every Day (2011) is a children's book and also a memoir of her life up to the sixth grade.[3]


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