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Ann Hyland
Development of the horse
Horses in warfare

Ann Hyland is a writer and historian who specialises in equestrianism and the development of horses.[1] She is also a consultant for the Oxford English Dictionary.[2]

Ann Hyland trains horses as well as being a freelance lecturer on equestrian topics.[1]

Select bibliography[edit]

  • Beginner's Guide to Western Riding (1971)[3]
  • Foal to Five Years (1980)[3]
  • The Endurance Horse (1988)[3]
  • Riding Long Distance (1988)[3]
  • Equus: The Horse in the Roman World (1990)[3]
  • The Appaloosa (1990)[3]
  • Training the Roman Cavalry (1993)[3]
  • The Medieval Warhorse: From Byzantium to the Crusades (1994)[3]
  • The Warhorse: 1250–1600 (1998)[3]
  • The Horse in the Middle Ages (1999)[3]
  • The Quarter Horse (1999)[3]
  • The Horse in the Ancient World (2003)[3]
  • The Warhorse in the Modern Era: Breeder to Battlefield 1600 to 1865 (2009)[3]
  • The Warhorse in the Modern Era: The Boer War to the Beginning of the Second Millennium (2010)[3]


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