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Ann Makosinski
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Born (1997-10-03) October 3, 1997 (age 24)
Alma mater
Known forInventions

Ann Makosinski is a Canadian inventor and public speaker. She is best known for her invention of the thermoelectric flashlight in 2013.

Early life[edit]

Makosinski is of Filipino and Polish descent.[1]

For her 7th grade science project, Makosinski invented a radio that could be powered by the wasted heat from a candle. Two years later, she built a piezoelectric flashlight of her own design.[2]

Thermoelectric flashlight[edit]

In 2013, Makosinski won the Google Science Fair with for her invention of the thermoelectric flashlight.[3][4] The device relies on the thermoelectric effect using Peltier tiles. It is hollow to increase convection currents.[2] She is currently in negotiations to commercially manufacture and distribute the flashlight.[5][6] She was inspired by visits to her mother's homeland in the Philippines, where her friends failed at high school because they didn't have enough light to study at night.[4][7]

In 2013, she presented her invention at TEDx Richmond and TEDx Vancouver and won a gold medal at the Canada-Wide Science Fair.[8][9][10] Later that year, she appeared in a Time magazine article about influential people younger than 30 years old.[11] In 2016, she was voted the Popular Science Young Inventor of the Year.[12]


In 2016, Ann won a $50,000 investment from the Quest Climate Grant, supported by Canadian Geographic and Shell Energy North America for inventions which are powered by body heat.[13] Later that year, she was appointed a global brand ambassador for Uniqlo.[5][14][15]

In 2017, Makosinski was included on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.[16][17] She was also named one of Glamour magazine's 2018 College Women of the Year.[18]

In 2018, Makosinski presented her invention of the "eDrink mug" to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, which uses heat from a drink to charge a phone.[19][20][21] As a prize, The Tonight Show gave her $5,000 to support her education.[22]

In 2018, Makosinski won four major awards from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.[23]

Makosinski has studied at St. Michaels University School.[24] She is currently a student at the University of British Columbia and completed the Arts One program.[23]

Makosinski is the founder of Makotronics Enterprises and has filed several patents.[25][26]


Makosinski's family live in Saanich, British Columbia.[27] Her father is a retired lab manager with two medical patents.[8]


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