Your Church in Brisbane City

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Your Church in Brisbane City
Location 430 Ann Street, Brisbane
Country Australia
Denomination evangelical
Founded 1883

Your Church in Brisbane City is a Christian church in the Brisbane central business district, Australia, that holds public worship services each Sunday morning.[1]

Its website lists its aim as "Connecting Christians and Changing Lives" with importance placed on worshipping Jesus and welcoming everyone.[1]


Beginnings in 1883[edit]

The church was formed on September 23 1883 when a handful of idealistic Christians gathered in Brisbane to found a new church.[2] The founders were linked by their support of Australian evangelist Stephen Cheek. Cheek died in early 1883 before the church began. The church was a leading congregation within Churches of Christ in Australia with roots in the Restoration Movement. Throughout its history it has been known as "Disciples of Christ", "Ann Street Church of Christ" and "Your Church in Brisbane City".

The church was active in starting other Brisbane churches. In 1912 it held an outreach to Hawthorne and established a Sunday school that in 1914 became the Hawthorne Church of Christ.[3] The Sunday school secretary of the Ann Street church in the early 1920s was Australian army chaplain John Kenneth Martin.[4]

Chapel at 430 Ann Street[edit]

The historic building at 430 Ann Street, Brisbane, was built in 1881 for the Methodist Church. When it was offered for sale in 1898 the church's minister William and his wife Martha Clapham led the church to purchase it. The sum of 1,100 pounds was the price paid by the Church of Christ in September 1898.[5]

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