Anna Akhmatova Literary and Memorial Museum

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The Anna Akhmatova Literary and Memorial Museum
Spb 06-2012 Sheremetev Palace at Fontanka.jpg
Fountain House
LocationSt Petersburg, Russia,wing of Fountain House at 34 Fontanka River Embankment.
Typeliterary museum

The Anna Akhmatova Literary and Memorial Museum is a literary museum in St Petersburg, Russia,[1][2] dedicated to the poet Anna Akhmatova (1889–1966). It opened in 1989 on the centennial of Akhmatova's birth.

The palace[edit]

The museum is located in a wing of Fountain House at 34 Fontanka River Embankment. Fountain House was built in the 18th century as a palace for the noble Sheremetev family. Russian emperors highly valued diplomatic and military achievements of several male members of family.

From 1935 to 1941, it housed the Museum of Popular Science, which closed immediately upon the German invasion. Anna Akhmatova lived in the northern garden wing of the Fountain House in 1918–1920, and lived in the southern wing from the mid-1920s until February 1952.

Then the building as a whole was given over to semi-classified Arctic and Antarctic Exploration Research Institute, and only in the latter part of the twentieth century, after relocation of the institute within the city to a specially designed facility, it became possible to start turning the palace into a museum or museums.

Now the main building is occupied by Saint Petersburg Museum of Music (one of the largest branches of St.Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music[permanent dead link]), and the wing is dedicated to the museum of the poet.


The Akhmatova Museum was opened in 1989 as a branch of the Dostoevsky Literary and Memorial Museum.[3] Later it was separated out as an independent museum. The museum's collection consisted in 2009 of about 50,000 items. This includes, among other things, autographed editions of Akhmatova's works, photographs, and manuscripts by Akhmatova and her contemporaries.

American Office of Joseph Brodsky[edit]

The museum incorporates an exposition "Американский Кабинет Иосифа Бродского". It is based on things which Maria Sozzani, the widow of Joseph Brodsky, gifted to the museum: furniture, library, postcard collection, etc., from Brodsky's last house in South Hadley, Massachusetts.[4]

Other museums of Akhmatova[edit]

In Saint Petersburg, there is museum dedicated to the poet, her circle and her times. It is called "Anna Akhmatova. The Silver Age"[5] and is located on the ground floor of an ordinary apartment building in the vicinity of Avtovo.[6]

In little village Slobidka-Shelekhivska [uk] in Khmelnytskyi Oblast, Ukraine, there is a Literary-memorial museum of Anna Akhmatova [uk].[7]


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