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Anna Ataeva (born February 3, 1980) is a Moscow-born contemporary artist now living in Los Angeles. She is best known for her work in Houston, Texas through the Rice Media Center and local Houston galleries.


Anna Ataeva received a master's degree from the Moscow State Academic V.I. Surikov Art Institute, and then continued her education at the former studio of Ilya Kabakov.[1] Ms. Ataeva arrived in Houston nine years ago and quickly established her studio practice. Her works are in collections in the United States and Europe.[2] She was trained for classical painting styles.[3]


Currently, Ms. Ataeva is developing her oil on canvas paintings along two separate lines. The first is a series of contemplative works dealing with the observation of light on water, water plants and koi fish. The other takes a more expressionist track, presenting the human form portrayed as emotionally charged, stretched and contorted figures in space. Her artwork is displayed in collections in the United States and in Europe.[2] Ataeva is inspired by the expressionist works of artists Egon Schile and Nikolai Fechin.[4]


Her most recognized medium is oil on canvas; her contemporary paintings are classified as figurative art. Ataeva has had her own studio in Houston, Texas for about 6 years now.[2] Ataeva has participated in about one hundred exhibitions and art shows.[5] Ataeva's work of paintings has been shown in art halls ranging from Moscow, Brussels, London, and in the United States.[6]


Anna Ataeva was born in Moscow, Russia[3] in the year of 1980. She came to Houston, Texas when she was 24 years old, and she did not know how to speak English.

Selected solo shows[edit]

  • 2004 – Solo exhibition at Art Hall of Russian Society, Houston, Texas, USA
  • 2002 – Solo exhibition at Hall of All Russia Cultural Center, Moscow
  • 2002 – Solo exhibition at All-Russia Cultural Center, Moscow
  • 2002 – Solo exhibition at “Create!” Art Club, Moscow


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